I remember a year ago when I would read all the NXT guys commenting on Twitter about how amazing the Performance Center was, not only the way it works but the actual building itself. Just for have somebody like William Regal to have enough esteem for me to go as far as to actually recommend me for a tryout meant a lot. I mean, I may have figured it out on my own eventually, but him telling me that in really put it into my head. Congratulations on your signing. What do you guys think? Fair point, if Steen or his opponent makes the slightest mistake, that could spell the end of a career.

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However, when debating this question with my brother, he made a very good point about why WWE should not allow him to use the move. To have him watch my match and take the time to tell me what he thought and give me advice was already great, but then a couple days stee, I was pkledriver to see if I wanted to be part of a tryout camp.

Then I think when I went to the tryout camp and I got through it, especially, we have the promo [tryout], where we basically sell ourselves vocally. But piledricer, I call myself a zoo enthusiast. Happy Holidays from WWE. Some guys have plans laid out where they want to go to Japan, go to Europe, go here, go there, and then they feel they can to go to WWE. So I feel very lucky to have the chance to be in that environment.


What’s Trending on WWE. The 50 best Instagram photos of Your welcome and no WWE move is worth a life. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. What are your thoughts on the facility, the curriculum and the coaching staff? AJ Styles unleashes his animalistic side on Mr.

Any last words for the WWE fans? We had a bit of a rivalry that lasted exactly one year, so any match in that time period would be a pretty good way to get to know me. What do you guys think?

WWE should allow Kevin Owens to use the Package Piledriver | Wrestling Amino

Thanks very much for your time and good luck with everything. When doing the shooting star press, Neville and Bourne were putting their own lives in danger, but if Owens were to use the package piledriver, he would be putting another person’s life in danger. I can do technical wrestling as well. I had traveled packsge world with both those guys, and we wrestled pledriver other in Europe and Canada and the United States. Steve Austin was my favorite wrestler from the moment I saw him.


If the move were to be done wrong, that could paralyze or even kill somebody.

Kevin Steen Package Piledriver

I guess the best match to give somebody an idea of the stuff I bring, I wrestled a guy named El Generico in a company called Packzge of Honor. The match I had that night, I think did a lot. What do you guys think?

The Performance Center just celebrated its one-year anniversary. I go way back with Adrian Neville, as well.

I wrestled him many, many times. Enter the terms you wish to search for. However, if Neville or Bourne were to botch the move, they would be more likely to injure themselves than to injure their opponents. Published on August 8, No, I start Aug. If the move were to be done wrong, that could paralyze or even kill somebody.

Gill 12 hours ago. Now you may think I’m crazy for saying this, but I personally think that WWE should allow Kevin Owens to use the package piledriver, which was his finisher in independent promotions such as Ring of Honour and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.