Black box testing methods include: The output summary of the tables and fields are displayed in a table format and the respective heading of the table are printed in bold font. In case of partial cancellations, if number of passengers after cancellations reduces to less than four, group discount for all seats will be withdrawn. Techniques are manifestation of concepts. All supplier software has been operationally tested in the target system.

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It is in these steps that various activities which are required for implementing a system are identified and their sequence and relation to each other is desired. However, valuable luggage needs to be carried by passengers themselves.

RESERVE CONDUCTOR -KSRTC | Kerala Public Service Commission, Government of Kerala, India

Free travel in City Services – Passengers with advance reservation tickets are allowed free travel in the city services within 2 hours before departure time of service Except Air Conditioned Services. Then the system is tested with appropriate reservw inputs to check the successfulness of the system.

The end deliverable is the product itself. Interface errors have been uncovered and correct and final series of test, ie and validation test begins.

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Figure provides the Test Process Flow. Refunds to passengers will be given normally in 15 working days, after the receipt of e-mail.

Advance booking for single child is not allowed. Simulated usage of shared data areas and inter process communication is tested and individual subsystems are exercised through their input interface. The benefits expected from the developed system outweigh the implementation costs. This one is intended to provide facilities like bus details, depot details etc. Unit testing is typically done by software developers to ensure that the code they have written meets software requirements and behaves as the developer intended.


As this package is technically, economically and functionally feasible, the system is judged feasible. Computerization was proposed as a solution to the problem of being out dated with the fast present technologies.

New Franchisee Procedure

Arman Dhanesh [10]Java 2 Platform: Depot Information Adds new depot information, modifying depot details, delete depot details and view all depot details. These techniques include interviews with the concerned authorities and also the observation made by the project team.

It is difficult to handle all these files.

Thus, the tester inputs data and only sees the output from the test object. To carry out economic feasibility study, it is necessary to place actual money values against any purchases or activities needed to implement the project. In order to do so, there should be some way to connect to bridge those operating systems so that all the differences between them are solved and the functionalities are achieved.

The methodologies should be well documented for accomplishing the task or activity and provide a description of the process to be used. The document gives different software and hardware requirements of the system. For online booking, tickets are sent by email and SMS, besides update in My Itineraries of online user. Eticket print-out and ID proof needs to be produced to avail free travel facility in city services.


White box resfrve includes all static testing. Each of these forms and their uses are discussed in the following section. The interview being accomplished between the authorities that made the authority to clearly specify the system teserve they propose to develop.

Herbert Schildt [5] J2EE: Media control includes the items listed below: For guest users, OB no. Techniques changes with technology, economic condition and social concerns, but the fundamental principle does not change. When the user exceeds the limit specified, then the system will not accept the exceeded part of the data.

There is provision to modify the pickup point before advance booking for that service is stopped through user login only. The time to deliver the SMS is dependent upon the traffic on the mobile network and whether your mobile phone is within reach and switched on and cannot therefore be guaranteed by KSRTC. All browser based software executes at client side and hence in faster execution.