Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Page 11 It is recommended that tapes recorded in the LP mode on this camcorder be played back on this camcorder. When the camcorder is suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm environment, wait a short time before opening the cassette holder cover. Playback Sound Playback Sound During playback, the camcorder detects the sound mode in which the recording was made, and plays the sound back. Got it, continue to print.

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JVC GR-DVL9800 Instructions Manual

Even if you begin editing Editing Menu for the camcorder and the VCR at exactly the same time, you may lose scenes you wanted, or find that you have recorded scenes you nvc not want. This mode allows you to take stills and store them on the multimedia card, while the video rolls onto the tape uninterrupted.

Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. You can also buy other cards, some of which have greater capacity. Transmits the beam signal. This means the camcorder may record the same time codes as those existing in a previously recorded scene. Appears when the exposure is adjusted. If the remote control is used when both the player and recorder are JVC video units, both units will perform the same operation.

JVC GR Camcorder Review: JVC GR-DVL Mini DV Camcorder – Videomaker

Some vjc that you might really enjoy are the inclusion of headphone and microphone jacks right on the camcorder. Charging time varies according to the ambient temperature and the status of the battery pack. Displays the 5 second recording mode or Animation recording mode.


Blocks of noise appear during playback, or there is no playback picture and the screen becomes blue.

Like all things I buy on ebay, the low price is what draws me. The tally lamp lights and beep sounds to indicate the start of recording, and after 5 seconds the camcorder enters Record-Standby mode.

Please enter your comment! Make sure the remote control is pointed at the camcorder’s remote sensor.

But when we attempted to use the left hand to spin the wheel to the right, the small gripping ridges on the wheel caught on the plastic housing and caused the wheel to stick. Portable Storage for the Drone Age.

To use an output cable adapter commercially availablerefer to its instructions. DJI Osmo Pocket is a supersmart, fully stabilized point-and-shoot camera. This means that it can be used for digital stills, as well as video.

Of course, the greater the digital zoom range, the more image degradation you can expect to see. The Print Frame Index Screen appears. Page 83 LCD monitor become dark.


The menu wheel is located behind the zoom control; we were able to reach it easily. On the downside, shooters should be aware of the sticky menu wheel and slow automatic focus system. Although images shot with a flash tend to look whiter than they actually are, to compensate for this the camcorder automatically darkens the picture when using the flash.


No need to attach some sort of additional docking station if you want to use an external microphone and monitor your audio with headphones. Page 25 Description of Progressive Scan CCD Progressive Scan is a special image sensing method which, unlike conventional interlace scanning, is able to pick up all the lines of picture information in one Scan. Audio Input Audio input type. This camcorder had a bit of trouble at times with the white balance.

This makes it possible to create an archived copy or lets you download the video to a computer for additional editing. The white balance is usually adjusted automatically.


The new sunglasses also come with a black protective case instead of the bright yellow charging case. When shooting a subject at a distance where the flash light cannot reach over approx. Been waiting to stock up on Gr-dvl800 speakers, Fire tablets or other Amazon gadgets?