Or suhin like that. As if he was ever gone. Giving them a three on one advantage against whoever entered from then on. Their team handed assault was brief as Kieran Kelly did finally emerge to provide some timely back up. Key players missing with a big match unable to take place as a result, the venue having to be changed due to a fire wrecking the usual place, things were conspiring against them a bit. Folk intending to drink in the venue on both days were selling their kidneys and taking out second mortgages to afford it.

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Light heartedly of course. What have I done? Causing it to swell more.

Jarrett appeared for the second time of the night and he was in the mood to make him a wee match. This is serious business. Kenny found himself on the apron and Kay Lee Ray rushed out with a steel chair in hand, chucking it right at his coupon and sending him crashing out.

A belt he would put his life on the line to keep in his possesion. He seemed to be taking the competitors out biggest first which is a decent strategy.

They leathered each other with forearms, uppercuts, before Whiplash cleaned Angelico out with that clothesline he does when he rebounds off the middle rope. Polo nailed a scoop slam, Hearto a superkick. On a night filled shootinng the good guys getting the better of the baddies, it had to end with the three most evil men in the wrestling stratosphere hopping out victorious.


Sha Samuels goes for a pint and a bag of pork scratchings. They shook hands and seemed to be agreeing to fight for some ridiculous reason only to reveal their ruse as they ran the ropes a bit, avoiding harming each other at all costs, before breaking up shoiting the wrestling with a hearty big hug between pals.

The hoattest tag in professional wrestling history. Weakening him enough for Jordan Devlin to superkick him right out of there. The Purge did offer decent resistance for the most part and had certainly earned the big match on fleiscb big show but they were never taking the titles. It was fun while it lasted.

See how far that moonsaulting talent can go. It would certainly have ended this contest if he hit it but Kez wriggled free and nailed BT with a low blow swiftly followed by shooging package piledriver for the three. If you waited a full year for a Grado match in ICW ye can wait another paragraph to see how it finished up.

Moves that happen simultaneously when folk are entering the ring are the best moves. Literally everyone in the ring had taken one, until Lionheart reversed it and tossed Hendry out.

They still fucking hate each other make nae mistake about that.

Lionheart reneged on hitting the frog splash and instead rolled out the ring seemingly on the lookout for a weapon. It was a huge opportunity for Aaron Echo to prove he could get to that level.

A Shooting Star Press Piledriver. – THE KING OF KINGS

The shootig man who made Grado look like a superstar all those years ago would be pivotal in his shootijg. Kid Fite started the match strong.


None of the usual jovial smiley patter from the bollocks. They battered each other on the apron, both swaying like they felt stone cold sober in the pub but as soon as they got outside they had suddenly become the most steaming guy on planet earth. Piledrivre even better than whatever the original plan was. They then somehow combined a brainbuster type manoeuvre with the other yin hitting a superkick at the same time.

It deserved to be scranned. Iestyn daring to pull Martina off Sha Samuels mid grind. Much of the early exchanges were between Davey and DCT, with Davey getting the better of it setting the Paisley Young Team for a tag that would give everyone within a 10 mile radius of it a suntan.

Wrestler Spotlight: Jody Fleisch

People from Newcastle are a lot like us and probably are at least aware of what a Square Go actually is even if they might sound a bit daft saying the words. Grado is a big part of the reason some syar those folk become fans. Putting thumbtacks in someones mouth and kicking them is at the very least an attempt to make eating impossible.