It works okay, until reboot, when raw group is set back to disk. Jeff, that’s evidently a very old version of dvgrab. Badly timed runs of that script may cause the kernel to oops or freeze. They really should while there is no simple and proposed solution for capturing video from a camcorder. If you cannot guarantee that you may run into problems.

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You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. I got the same result didn’t work with two ExpressCards, one brand: Many thanks for being so helpful.

For steps ieee139 – 3, see the above Hardware section notes.

Point Grey has a good article about adapters too. When you request to dequeue a frame, the frame would have been captured by the camera at some earlier time. So what you are are saying “Stefan Richter” is that I can swift to another distrubution? Is your Firewire lead in good order and firmly plugged in at both ends? The traditional methods available in the libraw API require the CPU to copy the data from the kernel’s memory space to the user space of the application.


libdc v2.x :: FAQ

DV and Digital Cameras. The above motherboard has both a built-in Firewire port and a plug-in PCI Firewire card, each based on a different brand of chipset. This is at least in part a Kernel related issue. Sometimes it helps to press play the camera before starting Kino. The IEEE standard is mostly about the electrical specifications of the drivers, receivers and cables.

FireWire updates

The capture functions can’t start or stop the camera. See the sbp2 driver page for more information. I tried a lot i use dvgrab or kino on my Camcorder sony VXE without much success. I tried DV file export. You are also saying to upgrade Kino, and there we have the problem for me. So i can download I file.

amd Scott James Remnant Canonical canonical-scott wrote on So when i have copied all the scenes to the computer, you can work and edit the scenes without having the camera installed. Rolf Leggewie r0lf wrote on Do I have to start and stop ISO before and after each capture? It is currently being used with libdcCoriander, and for DV export in Kino. The Linux project implements isochronous send and receive through several iis I am thinking Suse Linux?



An example of such software is the firewire-net kernel driver for IP-over networking eth in older kernels.

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The library development is an open-source project homepage sourceforge. In the meantime, I was hoping to give users something more comforting than running as root or adding themself to the disk group.

FireWire – Community Help Wiki

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Some versions of Kino from before Ubuntu 7. Set the camera to use the external trigger, edge triggered, rising edge: Changed in kino Ubuntu Lucid: It’s not “missing” in the “oops, forgot” sense.