The concepts and components involved in Streaming Architecture are discussed here. This proxy is another DirectShow filter, which allows video or audio filters to perform operations such as starting, stopping, pausing, speeding up, slowing down, amplifying, or attenuating a data stream. The incoming stream is not slowed down, by the filter driver and even the algorithm works fine. Creating unnamed device also works. If a parameter is used to perform an action, such as allocating memory, then it is most likely a method. Choose the type you’d like to provide: Mostly it is a third party driver.

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Windows Management and Instrumentation WMI Windows Management and Instrumentation WMI provides a standard interface between an instrumented driver and a browser which may be running on the local system or on a remote node across the network.

The first variable KsIdentifier. A driver that acquired a pointer to the target device by calling IoGetDeviceObjectPointer should call ObDereferenceObject with the file object pointer that was returned by IoGetDeviceObjectPointer to release its reference to the file object before it detaches its own device object, for example, when such a higher-level driver is unloaded.

The Functional Device Object FDO is notified of the presence of the camera through a plug and play notification, which is a callback function.

Simple LoopBack Filter Driver

The KsDispatchSpecificProperty function dispatches the property to a specific handler. That’s the function the system will call to alert us when there’s a hardware device to manage. The second variable KsIdentifier.

Most of the operations like filtering and Image processing are done on the incoming data on the fly, without buffering.

At the very bottom of the ioattacdevicetodevicestack, there’s a Physical Device Object PDO that represents the connection between our device and a hardware bus. HW” to the name of the install section is the trick that allows you to do that.


Power Management Power Management adds additional capabilities to ioattachdevicegodevicestack system and device drivers to allow the system to aggressively save electricity by selectively turning off ioattachdevicetofevicestack power to some or all hardware components in the system. Id is a ULONG, whose value varies depending on the type of property set supported filtef provided by the first variable. WDM Streaming is a kernel-mode solution to the general problem of synchronizing the rendering of large volumes of data in as close to real time as possible in Win98 and Win NT environments.

We will not discuss much about function parameters as it is already discussed earlier in “Simple WDM Loopback Driver” article. Using the Code As with other drivers, filter driver also has initialization entry point DriverEntry. If the class driver supports hardware that requires low latency and high throughput, then it will support WDM Streaming Ioctls. Alternatively, give the device object a name and then create a symbolic link. Each property set has a unique identifier that is used to access a requested property set.

A Solution Blueprint for DevOps.

IoAttachDeviceToDeviceStackSafe function – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

Iotatachdevicetodevicestack article is for developers who are writing Windows kernel filter driver for the first time and want to experiment this filter with “Simple WDM Loopback Driver”already written.

Dilter are testing read fllter write with NULL terminated string. It controls the rate of reference time within a group of filters, and is used by filters to synchronize presentation times. Initialize our device extension and the Flags member of the device object. How difficult will it be to change it to filter a mouse?

This registry key contains a pointer to another registry key that designates the function driver which drives an individual device and it is the main driver for the device for the device. Add Ioattachcevicetodevicestack Routine Filter drivers have AddDevice functions that get called for each appropriate piece of hardware.


Ioattachdevicetodevicestacj as a supportive act to this, the WDM architecture makes the task easier. Installation of the Streaming Filter Driver Before installing the driver, there are some pre-requisites that have to be met with. IoSkipCurrentIrpStackLocation makes the lower driver to use the same stack location that filter driver received. Property sets can represent items such as the number of pins available and the types of connections iooattachdevicetodevicestack can make. Pointer to another driver’s device object, such as a pointer returned by a preceding call to IoGetDeviceObjectPointer.

Note, however, that this does not necessarily mean that the SourceDevice will remain at the top of the driver stack.

The source pin maintains a pointer to the sink pin and can process incoming requests. Other filters can attach their own filter device objects above the SourceDevice in the stack. An intermediate driver can use this routine during ioattachdveicetodevicestack to attach its own device object to another driver’s device object.

This is the initial phase of Connection process and through which the driver would know the details about the pin and the dataformat supported by the client as well The source pin bases its stack size on the sink pin stack size plus one.