Screenshot attached shows what happens after switching to console 1 and back to 7. With the Xorg version used under Ubuntu 8. If this works for you, you don’t need to change anything. TomasHnyk sup wrote on If the open-source Xorg driver i. See corruption on the leftmost terminal window in the attached picture. Privacy policy About cchtml.

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Let me build you debs omitting that particular change so we can isolate if that’s what caused the regression. Here’s the backtrace, as collected by gdb with “logging on”. With the Xorg version used under Ubuntu 8.

Retrieved from ” https: What’s your card model? This can be fixed ontrepid with:.

Wouter Stomp wouterstomp-deactivatedaccount wrote on To update your driver to a new version say 9. Depending on the particular ATI card that you own, you may or may not automatically have all of the relevant driver features enabled. L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter rev b0 More to the point: The following lines in the logfile appear before “backtrace full” command: Email me about changes to this bug report.


2018 Intrepid Solid State Laptop

November 2nd, 2. You can do that by these simple steps:. Views Read View source View history.

RC livecd still fails to boot successfully. Thanks everyone for raceon efforts. The time now is Remote bug watches debbugs [ done important ] Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers.

If that wont work, black list nouveau and nvidia, and try the intel module delete the xorg.

Ubuntu Intrepid Installation Guide

Artem Popov artfwo wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Robert Ancell robert-ancell wrote on Note that the random choppiness towards the top is just a result of switching desktops to bring up the wall; the interesting portion is just the white blocky weird crap in the center of the screen. I just upgraded to intrepid and ran into the same issue as mentioned above, a black screen when starting X. I hope it helps.

Furthermore, do not try to use the proprietary ATI ‘fglrx’ drivers, since they made things even worse, at least in my personal experience with an ATI Radeon X Alex upstream is working on a big fix that should cover this case without needing my dithering patch.


Some mid-range graphics cards starting with GeForce x are fast enough for useful 3D work even with the drivers that are part of Xorg called “nv” driver in xorg. With compositing off, images open OK.

Visualization: graphics cards and 3D – CCP4 wiki

There seemed to be a few problems with X when trying to switch users, but I didn’t play with it enough to determine exactly what the problems were. The next step for you is to collect a full backtrace. Retrieved from ” http: Creating an SELinux rule exception is the correct inntrepid, but may be difficult.

Sorin Enache darkbulb wrote on This bug was fixed in the package xserver- xorg-video- ati – 1: