Mouse cords are weird like that. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I’d really appreciate any help whatsoever. As similar as many of them are, I doubt that the map will be as balanced for Team Fortress 2’s classes. Could I be accidentally pressing something? Haven’t played TF2 in a while and want to know what has changed? I’m worried it could be something as simple as dust

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Also, I’ve obviously restarted plenty of times. I’ve had a similar thing happen to me and it turned out that my keyboard was dying. On offense, we were able to quickly push through to the final objective without much resistance because the enemy bots were inttf2 busy getting lost running around the level—which was a bit disappointing. I eventually found out it was a memory problem, and when I corrected that issue, everything went back to normal.

Yeah, I was gonna say that hopefully it isn’t a motherboard issue, ush thaaaaaat would suck. Try your mice on other computers and try another mouse on your computer with the issues.

Someone recreated an Overwatch map in TF2, and it works surprisingly well | PC Gamer

I don’t see how it can be anything but hardware if it’s a randomly arising issue. Anyways, I opened it up, and jankification ensued. There’s some sort of thread on here by the name of something like “QPST instructions? Hoping inhf2 that are trying to flash this device to other CDMA Carriers can help finish this project as there are no resources available yet.


TheFragile drak I don’t see how it can be anything but hardware if it’s a randomly arising issue.

[Q] Cannot get Samsung Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 USB recognized

If I were to go into my computer to check for things, what would you say is best to look for? Once again, thanks for the help, -drak. Submit a new link. See if it happens when your keyboard is unplugged. I don’t think there’s really anything you can visually scope out to see if it’s the motherboard. So I said, fu JakeypooI’m never missing out a fun scrim again. Who said that people from Brooklyn couldn’t be posh? Image 11 of Upvote Upvoted 1 Downvote Downvoted.

I looked for a ueb of configs, but they obviously didn’t work. Somewhere a while ago I saw someone update their DirectX and it seemed to correct the issue.

This is a better matched driver for those of you who need it. My mouse keeps freezing in place at random times when I’m playing a game. This is pretty sweet.


Razer Orochi, also by USB Both mice had their respective drivers fully updated, and were only connected individually, never both at the same time. Yesterday, my mouse randomly disconnected in TF2.

Image 4 of I’ve never done something like this before, and I finally got to apply some rudimentary Physics 2 knowledge I thought I’d never need. Turns out it was a mouse problem, according to the “connect to another computer” thing.

TheFragile Have you tried other games? Doesn’t work, since I’m not using a generic controller, I’m using the N64 controller.

Take either mouse and try to make large, quick movements on another computer to try to replicate the problem. On defense, however, the round played surprisingly like Overwatch to the point of even having the same stalemates in certain parts of the map. Its extremely difficult to rocket jump, disguise, your turning speed is so slow, and sniping is just more difficult since you cant flick or aim quicker. I just want to see how well it’ll perform in such a game.