The intention was to collaborate in the development of products for the German military. Other rooms in the house were used by a dancing school, who had to abandon their dancing lessons because of noise from the factory. One was delivered to Kahn, and the others were shipped abroad in pairs — one to be retained by the importer as a demonstration unit, the other to be delivered to a reputable studio. As no film manufacturer was interested in making this film format, Rollei had to manufacture the film itself. Obviously, the new owner could not be a Japanese company. Later products included specialty and nostalgic type films for the photo hobbyist market.

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So, Rollei was able to exhibit at photokina after all, but not in its customary location — that had already been allocated.

To sccan with, Rollei had no real competition, which yielded ever increasing sales of its cameras. Its main advantage lay in its ability to photograph large crowds at heavily attended events.

So, the number of Rollei cameras produced increased yet further — albeit slowly — reaching a total of 3. Then, at 11am on Monday, 11 Inteer, selected journalists were invited to a press conference in the festively decorated production area. He promptly set Rollei onto an extremely risky course, which, despite some early successes, ultimately ended in a complete fiasco. The Rolleimatic was released onto the market without being subjected to the extensive testing that was usual, with the result that it suffered from unreliability, just like the SL35E had before it.

Older lenses from the series can still be used, although the viewfinder and magazine mounts are new. On the bottom, left-hand side of the housing was the focusing knob, and on the right-hand side, the winding handle and a frame counter. Author Write something about yourself. Its successor, the Sxanwas released in ; externally the camera was largely unchanged, but it now had a built-in light meter.


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In the mids, third-party lenses increased in popularity. Although Kodak, too, made an Instamatic SLR camera, their primary objective was to draw attention to their brand of film rather than make money from the camera. It was a sophisticated system cameraa camera at the heart of an extensive range of interchangeable components.

Rollei eventually withdrew from the SLR market in To get the company going, Franke and Heidecke decided to manufacture a stereo camera in the short term. Despite state-of-the-art open-aperture metering, which was promoted with the catch-phrase “concentration on the essentials”, sales of the camera were rather poor.

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Not only did this innovation speed up the whole process, inetr also eliminated accidental double exposures resulting from inadvertently forgetting to wind on the film. One of his projects was the Magicwhich required several expensive machine tools to be built — expenditure that could not be justified relative to the small number that were produced. Rollei Pocketkameras in German. Different sized slides could be mixed together as long as their frames were of uniform thickness and not warped.


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No need to be fancy, just an overview. To help return the company to profitability, Rollei’s management sought advice from a number of experts. Yet the 35 RF was neither developed by Rollei, knter was it based on any of the earlier variants of the Rollei However, it lacked the reliability that was now expected of consumer products.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rollei. Although the trade press regarded the takeover as a long overdue consolidation of the camera industry in Braunschweig, the merger made no sense from a business perspective; from it Rollei gained neither new products nor new customers, nor did it have any use for the additional production capacity and employees it acquired — all the more because the factory in Singapore was under-utilised.


This could be attached to the front of the primary lens while a mask which did not magnify the image was placed over the focusing screen.

This camera is a completely new, hybrid design with both analogue and digital capability. In those days, risky investments such as this were not that uncommon; Peesel’s imperious demeanor within Rollei had so impressed the bankers that they were confident of their investment. Although Franke had forgotten to prepare sample photographs to distribute to the press, he neatly avoided this oversight by distributing empty, labelled cartons around the building, just for show.

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The estimated value of Rollei’s unsold inventory was put at about million DM. The first stage, completed inwas used to manufacture slide projectors, studio flash systems and, later on, the Rolleimat Universal enlarger. Although these products consumed the bulk of the companies resources, some regular product development was still possible, and work on tempered glass lenses as well as flash synchronization continued, albeit on a small scale.

For the first time Rollei offered low-cost lenses from Asia, although all of the other lenses were still made by Schneider and Zeiss.