It is not modified during runtime. Loaded and initialized i [ Function not implemented [ To get the file the proper driver of Lenovo, first choose your OS, then find your device name and click the download button. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

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inteor Tried it and lo and behold, I got a crash eventually, although it took way longer in the regular usage scenario. Lenovo G laptop drivers.

Happens under moderate load ; have yet to see it happen under full load benchmark or idle mode. From a terminal window please run:. Output VGA1 using initial mode x on pipe 0 [ DPI set to 96, 96 [ So my problem might be related.

Default visual is TrueColor [ It’s very similar and i do sometimes experience the flickering as a precursor to the complete crash, but mostly screen goes off and it just crashes.


If you were testing on a laptop without a power supply connected, there is intel additional TLP settings change: Nothing to be seen in the logs.

Done fbset is already the newest version 2. I guess the crash was triggered by flipping the P-state to save power. FWH not detected [ HW Cursor enabled [ I did a few more tests.

Bug # “i driver seems to cause system crash at random” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

In buginto the tag list, write down “xenial”. All drivers have been checked by antivirus.

Setting screen physical size to x [ Org X Server 1. SNA compiled for use with valgrind [ All these tests were carried out on Manjaro, but I did suffered similar problem when I was testing Ubuntu Remote bug watches auto-github-nisenbeck-ct-serverjessie 1 [ closed ] Edit Bug watches keep la of this bug in other bug trackers.

No clue as to why this was the case. But later when I was using Krita, whose stresses on the CPU comes in spikes, the old workaround failed to work.


Intelr e31 lan driver

Creating default Display subsection in Screen section [ lxn No upgrade log present probably fresh install UserGroups: Failed to insert module ‘kdbus’: On one particular kernel on Opensuse leap I will add libdrm as affected. Resetting chip after gpu hang model: On my system, the combination of a realtime lowlatency kernel and certain tlp settings fixed the random crash. This bug inteelr 9 people. I have a machine with intel Skylake and it is suffering random reboot.

It will implicate reduced battery life I fear though if I see this correctly?!?