Created by mulaiqq on To get flair with your certification level send a picture of your certificate with your Reddit username in the picture to the moderators. If not the card downed the interface until a reboot occurs. Nov 03 9: March 17 Update – new VIB 4. I’ve put a copy on my external host, as a convenience, use-at-your-own-risk for home labs.

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Once they go into lockout you need to reboot to get them to come back up, even if you swap an Intel optic in. If not the card downed the interface until a reboot occurs.

I only have it for another few weeks. This super fast download-and-install vmdare liner takes under a minute to apply, partly because the VIB is only KB!

Of course, those concerned can simply use the fully VMware supported method belowwhich requires a few more steps, including authentication from “My VMware” just to get the VIB. For the original fully supported but more time consuming method for production environments, jump below for details. Those appear to be 3rd party. All community This category.

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An X would likely have been a better choice. Newer stock of the X cards are locked to Intel optics only. See also this great question in this TinkerTry commenter Kent Winsor:. I believe I’ve had a few cases where the adapter didn’t show up when using the Cisco optical SFPs with this card.


You can verify the checksum if you’d like, 3 types of checksums provided above. Testing of version 4. Want to add to the discussion?

After a long discussion with X520-da, and followup from Intel through Supermicro, it turns out that newer 10G bmware from Intel are locked to their optics only. Not sure about the vmware side. There is an option you can pass to the Linux driver to ignore incompatible optics. Unified Computing System Discussions: Great tool from Microsoft called NTttcp Utility: Now I have the file I want: Created by tajirqq on Meanwhile, there is a workaround that really does works, albeit only temporarily:.

Solved: How to Configure Intel X Dual Port c – Cisco Community

The spam filter can get a bit ahead of itself. Also worth noting that there are issues with trying to force untel rates with this driver, so direct connect auto-crossover RJ45 ports allow any normal CAT6a or CAT7 cable gets tricky, discussed here.

I plan to be detailing this story in a separate post, stay tuned. I’m configuring use VMware5.


If you are an employee, please PM one of the moderators that has a VMware logo for verification instructions and we will add it to yours as well! I have updated the instructions above accordingly. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Read all of the release notes, every line, there’s some strange stuff in there about FCoE, and these 3 Bug Fixes:.

Just make a self post! Auto-suggest helps you vmawre narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Intel XDA2 10G NIC ESXi 6u2 woes. : vmware

In other words, a way to actually push the speeds of that wire. So in a sense you have 4 1GbE ports, and one 1GbE dedicated to management. Firewall commands intell are optional for most configurations, so I’ve left them only in the longer instruction set above.