And there are some downsides, such as capacity. This looks perfect for database applications, but will have only modest impact on normal use of a MacBook Pro the MBP is not likely to be a database server for large databases! Laptop users will find this very appealing, as it extends battery life, at least incrementally. Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Below are some figures to contemplate.

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Get it back into shape with DiskTester ‘recondition’. An alternative to the Hitachi Travelstar 7K See Optimizing Photoshop for details.

For your convenience, the View links below take you to OWC for specifications. The first reboot was not timed, but 2nd and 3rd reboot were averaged imtel the results here. All these data wiping and re-writing, time machine performs, even if performed once a month can be considerably bad? The Intel XM demonstrates the huge potential of solid state disks.

If i need to download stuff or perform -w actions, they all happen within the external. View prices on SSD. At only 80GB In other words, the results reflects what using an actual inteel system would be like, not an artificial setup with an empty disk. Software developers might build in various ways with various technologies, but two common environments are represented here. However, there is no seek time or latency with an SSD ihtel, so the real world performance overall will astonish anyone used to a hard drive.


The answer is yesbut there are some caveats as to whether the XM will actually make ibtel difference for the tasks you xx25-m perform. Drive manufacturers use X Xhence the size disparity. Therefore, a fixed 32GB test file size was used, a size corresponding to a system install, applications and a core set of data. For that matter, if a 16GB scratch file is called for eg the diglloydMedium testwill there even be space for the scratch file once the drive is used to store the large files being edited?

For example, it takes about 30 seconds or more for the 2.

Intel X25-M Firmware Update?

You can even titillate yourself by rebooting over and over, watching how fast the machine boots x225-m how fast applications launch the first time.

This looks perfect for database applications, but will have only modest impact on normal use of a MacBook Pro the MBP is not likely to be a database server for large databases!

Not hard to do, but be sure to backup your data first. In every test that involved reading significant amounts of data the XM is screaming fastoffering up to 3X the performance for applications limited by disk speed.

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Inwe are likely to enjoy substantial advances in performance and capacity along with reductions in cost. Partition this drive to have the same ontel space as a GB drive, and it might be attractive. Certain deals may last longer. Note that all of the hard drives outperform the XM on sustained write performance. Solid state drives are the future of performance.

Support for IntelĀ® SSD XM Series

A gigabyte x25-j used in all reviews on this site is defined as X X or 1,, bytes. This must be due to its significantly higher transfer speed.

Hurrah, if you reboot once a day, you save seconds, depending on the hard drive. This content has been marked as final. Installing a solid state drive SSD Page 5: The 8 seconds I save on the first launch is just not relevant; what counts is how efficiently you can work in your applications, and if the XM improves in that area, then fast application launch times are a nice bonus. Reconditioning x25-k solid state drive SSD Page 6: Except for the DiskTester create-files and read-files tests, the other tests detailed below were performed when booted off the