The G chipset features an improved version of the Intel Extreme Graphics Architecture I discussed in my article on the series chipsets. The most important innovation was the support of USB 2. It has many of the line’s new features, but it only supports and MHz front-side bus speeds. Keep reading to see what happened when somebody busted a folding chair over the SiS ‘s head. Intel x86 microprocessors Intel products Intel chipsets.

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If you need the extra security of ECC memory, the P provides networrk, but otherwise, the PE is the best bang for the buck. InIntel delivered ICH3, which was available in two versions: This last feature, Intel CSA, allows mobo makers to hang an Intel Ethernet controller right off the north bridge for high-speed networking, including Gigabit Ethernet.

I/O Controller Hub

Customers were not willing to pay the high prices inteel RDRAM and either bought i or iBX motherboards or changed to the competition. The PE and G chipsets are positioned as “mainstream” products, while the I85 is aimed at the high end: There is no version for desktop motherboards. It is designed to be paired with a second support chip known as a northbridge.


In practice, most baseboard manufacturers still offered PATA appropriate connection types using additional chips from manufacturers such as JMicron or Marvell.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board D865GBF

Get the latest version from http: The following table compares the series chipsets to the most advanced series chipsets. The current chipset comparison line card is located at http: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The base version only includes four SATA 2. Support for Intel High Definition Audio was included.

By contrast, PCIs maximum bandwidth is only 1. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Unlike most other RAID implementations, the Intel lets you netwok the second identical drive at any time without reformatting the original drive.

When Intel introduced its 3. It removes all PATA support. With a maximum memory size of 4GB, twice the 2GB limit imposed by the series, systems based on the series are ready to handle extremely large amounts of data or larger programs. Retrieved from ” https: Steam names the best-selling inttel of Meet the chipset family The chipset family is derived from the same basic technology used in Intel’s P chipset, which we reviewed last month upon its introduction.

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. The P’s distinctiveness comes in two forms. The series supports four identical modules, two pairs of identical modules, or mix-and-match memory combinations. Aside from freeing up an expansion slot, the s integrated Gigabit Ethernet also improves performance compared to a PCI-based solution.


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Thus, the series implementation of Gigabit Ethernet is both more convenient and easier than a slot-based solution. That said, these new chipsets are no slouches.

The most important innovation was the support of USB 2.

Like the GE, the G isn’t going to threaten the latest GeForce or Radeon cards for 3D graphics supremacy, but it ought to be good enough for many corporate desktops or “basic PC” configurations. Page 1 of 1. The chips had pins. It supports various interfaces to “low-speed” peripherals, and it supports a suite of housekeeping functions. Dual-channel memory is a memory technique which treats two identical memory modules as a single double-width module, increasing performance.