Log in or sign up in seconds. Linus didn’t write a shell, a c library, or a set of coreutils; those are generally considered core components of an operating system. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. So it’s a step forward in bringing near-native 3rd party wireless devices to OS X. I think they were trying to comply with the GPL, but forgot the source

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Donald Becker wrote a lot of network drivers back in the early days of Linux cluster computing. Try a mac with the first byte set to zero. RaLink provide source on the website although, like I say, this probably isn’t the driver you want to use intdl as an end-user.

It is likely that the kernel took less than a man-year. Third Party Wireless Card.

Money is overrated anyway. I wrote a “driver” or at least a management module for the Gravis Ultrasound, including MIDI, because I wanted to turn an old computer into a music box.

In the past you could also use USB wireless adaptors based on a RaLink chipset – this was much cheaper than a genuine Airport for those olde CRT iMacs, especially as some inhel those needed an adaptor, too. To be fair, it’s at least as useless as DOS 4.


For example, my Intel says this when trying to set the MAC: I ended up buying a Mac, but it’d be great if they could get it off the ground.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought nuclear fusion reactors were still in their experimental stages. Considering the pace of Linux development, I really wouldn’t consider what’s on the CD that comes with a card, because drivers will have been updated in the 6 months that CD has been sitting in a warehouse. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

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IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

The most interesting part was figuring out how to hook the hardware into the operating system’s wireless mechanism and make it compatible with the 3945ang user interface. It turned out a can’t handle that many interrupts at once. Either 3945agg, good job dude. Guy build nuclear fusion reactor from scratch.

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Not possible, Maf cards do not and probably will never work under OS X. Most of the changes ought to be specific control codes if you are lucky. Man writes entire operating system from scratch, by himself, in assembly. Guy writes Reddit comment from scratch.


Example of proper style: At first I read it as ‘ GB Wireless driver’.

Stares at his wireless WPA router with concern. But the point is that at that time RaLink provider drivers with source for their cards. That one didn’t need a special driver, because my distro had the firmware and necessary module.

Intel Wireless Driver for Snow Leopard [Hackintosh]

Not sure about other vendors, but anyone keen on Wireless MAC spoofing would probably just pick a generic chipset that did allow it. How do I itnel if it’s half or full? It took them two years. Of course we all make mistakes. While these systems from the early s were not even close to being UNIX-clones, they were substantial and popular operating systems written by individuals.