Register a new account. It may make a difference for 1 and it should fix the suspend part of 2. Here’s ethtool after a warm reboot: I get very capricious and misbehaving things Francois, is the patch in comment 1 in recent mainline git?

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Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet 10//M Network Driver Driver – TechSpot

I guess we can conclude that WoL still doesn’t work even with very recent upstream kernels. ServerFaultCode[WinError ] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host[WinError ] An existing connection was forcibly closed by controlldr remote host0[WinError ] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host [ So, I then built an r module with that patch 8111cg-r shut down the box with that module installed.

I will test it within the next days and let you know. PATH variables to Powercli – exists. Anonymous May 20, at 9: Hi Andreas, I seem to be hitting a PS error when running the script you have provided.


I like to compile a new upgraded version using this version of the Linux driver: Can I use it? They just smelled the late trend: There are 2 problems when using the stock driver in current F11 ehternet kernel When I get some more time, I’ll open a BZ for the 2.

Realtek driver for RTL8101E and Windows 7 32bit

Wi-Fi drivers on Linux for Intel were not the smoothest ride for me also. Hi Bart, this is a networking issue with your machine. I have a driver for new rtl cards built from 8. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Andreas Peetz July 8, at 9: Thanks for this post.

With the intension to help in any way I am sending more information: I am using the latest script 2.

Looking forward to some benchmarks and comparisons.

It’s fast, it works, it doesn’t come with a whole bunch of marketing hoodoo and software utilities of questionable effectiveness. William Lam has ethernst quite a bit of work in this area.


I actually think the realtek drivers are better than Windows one’s. Sign in Already have an account? I also tried manually update the driver by go to the WinXP folder of the downloaded file, not working either.

This was a life saver, thanks! They failed to produce something decent for years now and I assumed they simply were not interested. Anonymous December 3, at 7: WOL still didn’t work. Got SCGI request with headers: Unknown February 15, at 8111c-gg Anonymous April 24, at 5: This bug is still present in the 2. I’m mystified where sone people get the idea regular Realtek LAN sucks, which is a far cry from reality.