Notes about Support WordPress. Sign up using Email and Password. Once I did this it worked. If your wiki is currently offline, its database can be backed up by simply copying the database file. If an update fails, the transaction is rolled back and the update is aborted.

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Table of Contents sqlite Plugin.

I found source for 3. Thanks for posting the answer it will help others. The sqlite plugin keeps track of the version a database is in currently using a table called opts. Fixed the typos in readme. If you can’t find your problem, sqlute a new issue. Display admin notice when not replacing the old db.

Here’s how to do that: The update mechanism will wrap the execution of each update in a transaction, you need not inatall do that yourself.


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These are some examples: Windows stuff is explained here. Post as a guest Name.

Installing SQLite3 on Windows

Some functions in wp-db. Added the feature to download a backup file to a local machine. And you can see some instructions and useful information on your server or your installed plugins.

Select one and you can submit your own queries. Your plugin will need to create a database schema and maybe fill it with some initial data.

You must intsall your database server address, user name, passowrd or etc… in the same file. And expand them on your machine. Each subsequent version is then applied above the previous version.

Changed the install instruction in the readme. If both extensions are available, pdo-sqlite will be used. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The following people instakl contributed to this plugin.

plugin:sqlite [DokuWiki]

The default action is to apply that file and increase the dbversion field in the opts table. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and other social networks.


If you receive an error while trying to write to a sqlite database update, delete, drop: I can sync between machines with dropbox in this way. Post to Support Forum. I researched the error by grep’ing the php ppdo code and found the error string to come from php Also check that you are only handling your own database upgrade.

Of course, this is not enough. Notes about Support WordPress. If you translate it into your language, please let me know.