I know there’s a lot of variables but will the face be more closed with the “NU”. It is now in the bag!! What I need is a swing that works all the time, now can Taylormade help me with that? I love my driver, but wish I could bring my ball flight down. Also to find a longer torque screw is this out there. I might still add some.

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Generally speaking, the higher the swing speed, the stiffer the shaft. Step 3 Set the sleeve to “Left” for maximum draw and loft if you currently slice the ball.

The performance of the club is excellent with pretty good forgiveness across the face and the trajectory, sound and feel was excellent. It contributes to a higher MOI for greater stability on off-center hits.

Movable Weights Step 1 Insert the gram weight in the toe cavity on the R9 driver and place the two single-gram weights in the center and heel cavities to correct a hook. Insert the two single-gram weights in both the heel and increqse cavities.

R9 loft change – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

It is high on the club and on the inside of the center not by much. Flight Control Technology Step 1 Locate the bolt in the heel of the club directly above the shaft.


I have a difficult time hitting a fade or slice. They do not sell the sleeve incrase. If you add more weight to the back-center of the head this moves the CG back, which in turn raises your trajectory and will also increase your spin rate.

What is your degree loft, you can set the adjustment to NU upright and it should help or tee the ball up higher. Turn the sleeve to the setting you desire, lining the setting up with the white mark on the front of the hosel.

taylormade R9 fairway settings

My R9 stripped threads on first time I changed shaft position and is now, of course, unusable: Also, I do not hold a 5 wood or a 2 iron, so I would either carry an extra wedge or extra driver for different stiffness in the shaft. Read on to find out. What can you tell me about the 9r and which ones promote higher or lower launch angles? I do like the smaller clubhead. There are two, the VS6 and NV6.

This in turn has a profound effect on the trajectory of the ball.

How to Set a TaylorMade R9 | SportsRec

TP version only differs because it has a different shaft option, the head is the same. I have got my hands on a tp r9 9.


How stiff the shaft is means almost nothing. You have to contact where you bought the driver and send to Taylormade. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Less weight equals more speed. Problem is short length, so hitting off the forward tees to have any chance at GIR. Impressive design, confidence inspiring loft. What about for a fade? Hit one or two golf balls with your TaylorMade F9 driver set in the original pn settings.

TaylorMade R9 SuperTri Driver Review

In this configuartion, I reduced launch angle to degrees and gained more penetration, greater carry and roll. Would that mean more closed club face Had a TaylorMade demo day yesterday at my club and loved this driver.

Lift the club head from the shaft to expose the tip of the shaft and the Flight Control Technology sleeve. Less so on the low ones, and more so — surprisingly so — on the heel and toe hits.