Linux and Windows Workstation. Copyright Novell, Inc. Bug – Plugin installation: Under rare circumstances on servers running NetWare 6 SP2 with a minimum of K, the iManager installation program might hang at the end the install when it is trying to update the products. If you get this error, uninstall iManager, install eDirectory 8. Also, the Scope textfield will be hidden from view as it is for a Self-Management role.

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This is a known compatability issue with Netscape and the newer versions of Apache.

(For Customer)iManager NetEco Product Documentation(VRC60_05)(PDF)_EN – Huawei

For example, and are valid ports. Password for the keystore file. When attempting to login to eDirectory through iManager, if you receive the error “ErrorError: Verify that your web server is running. In order to reset the values that are causing the data and UI problem do one of the following:. Layout setting for File appender.

Novell iManager 1.5.1 Readme

Specifies the type of facility. The jkconf will generate the auto configuration file then shutdown Tomcat.


The work around is to run iManager from a English based server. Plugins with special characters in the id does not work after upgrade to iManager 2. You can customize the File value in lmanager of the following platforms:.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, photocopied, stored on a retrieval system, or transmitted without the express written consent of the publisher. Bug – Restrict client initiated SSL renegotiation.

(For Customer)iManager NetEco 6000 Product Documentation(V600R007C60_05)(PDF)_EN

If you see files named. If your environment doesn’t require backwards compatibility with iManager 1. IP address of the host in which the Audit server is running. On Solaris and Linux you will see these exceptions in your Console that you are running Omanager from.

November – Error: In this situation, uploav will need to assign members to these roles in order to use them. The updated files can be found on the respective product’s patch page. Unable to edit schema OID with imanager 2. Both this patch as well as eDirectory 8. CEF Audit captures data about the following events: Layout setting for Syslog appender. The following roles will assign supervisor rights to the container specified in the scope to the user:.


History of Issues Resolved for Novell iManager

CEF Audit captures data about the following events:. Start Tomcat and Apache after the limber process has run. Where is a comprehensive list of all Novell iManager fixes since iManager 2.

Bug – Trusted keystore default password was written to the iManager installation log. This is necessary for the above variables to take effect. Bug – Nessus scan reporting iManager is potentially vulnerable to Clickjacking.

Double-byte characters may not display correctly in the popup windows of Netscape web browsers when running iManager through Apache 2. The translated version of this page is coming soon. System Error Could not find native libraries for com.

It is difficult for the user to navigate and validate individual assignments when the size of list increases.