If you have accidentally installed the Windows OS default driver, these instructions will direct you to how to “clean” your system first before installing the correct driver s. For example, you should NOT do the following sequence with these devices:. DO NOT power the target. Lab2 SD card Audio Player: This will ensure that the Watchdog Timer gets cleared before it causes the device to reset. If a break point is set on an instruction that follows a taken branch, the Breakpoint will be triggered even though the branch went elsewhere.

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Press OK when done.

Mplab and ICD2 windows 7 | Microchip

The driver should begin installing…. Choose one method of communication and use that cable only.

Add application code to the project Step 5: From the Windows Menu, select Control Panel. Cannot program PIC16F87x devices in individual or in combinations of the memory areas without the entire device being automatically erased. Click image to enlarge.

MPLAB ICD 2 USB Device Driver Installation

If you are reprogramming the device from PLL mode to another mode, first reprogram with PLL off, then remove power and reapply.


Network Analysis Tools Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page.

Software Preliminaries During the install, a dialog may pop up twice stating, “The software you are installing for this hardware: Generate Harmony code Step 8: Physical Memory Virtual vs.

This helps minimize the programming time. If any of the self tests on the Status tab of the Settings dialog windowa not say pass, you will not be able to erase and program your device.

Select “No, not this time”. Instead, the system will automatically install the software without asking you. The following definitions are provided and referred to:. On the Uninstall dialog, check the “Delete the driver software for this device” checkbox.

Perform a reconnect to enter debug mode.

Plug in USB first, then power supply. Otherwise follow all instructions. This ensures that the device oscillator is active before the program is run or debugging operations are performed.

Microchip Development Tool has not passed Windows Logo testing Subsequent connections should be established quickly. As a us comment on these issues, some devices may not be able to enter debug mode at 32 kHz speed. Hardware” for hardware handshaking.


ICD2 Driver

Generate Harmony Code Step 6: Single-stepping a DO loop: Under Devices and Printers click on Device Manager. Right click on the Microchip tool and select Update Driver Software…. The process is similar for Windows XP and Windows Vista, but the steps shown below were performed on a Windows 7 system.

Configure your target device as desired. Therefore, Microchip advises against multiple-stage programming sessions which may fail to verify.

It is possible that iccd2 breakpoint halt will exhibit program memory skidding in that the execution stops N instructions after reaching the breakpoint. STEP 6 During the install, a dialog will pop up stating, “The software you are installing for this hardware: When the driver installation has finished, click on the Close button.