The new powerful Core 2 Duo processor technology guarantees that you don’t lack performance even for the most processor-intensive tasks such as VoIP calls or heavy data analysis. The X60 and X60s slimline differed primarily by their processors: Product Life Cycle Dates. It was also a bit more powerful than the X40 and X41 units, due to the use of faster full-voltage Dothan processors and standard 2. The X1 tablet is powered by an Intel Core m7 processor paired with up to 16 gigabytes of memory and solid state drives up to 1 terabyte in size. It also has the ThinkVantage Active Protection System, which protects the hard drive in the event of a system shocks or drop. Once in Tablet mode the screen automatically adjusts itself to Tablet orientation or you can choose how you want the screen to be with the touch of a button.

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ThinkPad X series

Z61 Life Cycle Dates. Lenovo also sends along some replacement tips, which is a nice gesture. It is also integrated with the fingerprint reader available on many Lenovo systems. Microsoft unveils its new Office app for Windows 10 The app will act as a hub for all your Microsoft Office needs.

ThinkPad X61 view large image.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61s on the left, X61 on the right view large image. The specifications [28] of the X are given below:. Accessible system memory is up to MB less than the amount stated, depending on video mode.


The screen changes orientation automatically in Tablet mode and the Tablet shortcut buttons give you access lbm volume, brightness, pen settings and more in seconds. I found the battery life to net between four to five hours of use on the 8-cell extended battery. Unlike many other laptops in the X1 series, it features a stylus and a dedicated slot for it. Harsh environments and abuse can damage ThinkPad systems since they are not intended to withstand dhipset temperatures, dust, shock, or other severe physical environments.

When used with Password Manager and the Client Security Solution, pass your finger over the reader instead of typing passwords or combine it with passwords.

New ThinkPad X61 ultraportable notebook computer models include a three-year limited warranty

Ihm specifications and weights may vary based on features, vendor components, or manufacturing processes. Meaning it has better performance, benchmark results and battery life.

Archived from the original on As of it’s still possible to purchase new batteries and spare parts from online retailers. The specifications [28] of the Xs are given below:.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Although it is much smaller than its counterparts, it is every bit as fast. The X61 is very impressive when it comes to raw power in such a small package.

Archived from the original on 2 May The X61 I reviewed came with 2GB of memory, which is pretty much a necessity when running Vista, but you can get up to 4GB if you are interested.


The X61 in Tablet mode, with vertical screen. The X1 tablet is powered by an Intel Core m7 processor paired with up to 16 gigabytes of memory and solid state drives up to 1 terabyte in size.

The X61 making its way into Tablet mode. It can kbm customised with various colors, school logos, and asset tagging. Retrieved 6 August Security software is preloaded for an integrated solution out of the box.

Out of all the Tablets I have reviewed so far, the X61 is one of my favorites in terms of design, mostly due to its simplicity and functionality. Automatically send old files to OneDrive PC space saver: Lenovo includes an additional fan with models equipped with the WWAN card, but this may not activate if d61 card is not in use.

IBM ThinkPad Lenovo X61 Intel Motherboard Mainboard Logicboard 42W7769

Compared to Windows XP, Vista has been horrible in my uses for power management or power efficiency. The hardware specifications [23] of the X are:. The Xe comes in several processor versions: