T43 Design Aside from the new fingerprint reader optional , we find that the design for the T43 does not deviate from previous T4X models. Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. I also remember some sort of ThinkVantage message center update; now my message center doesn’t appear in the system tray on startup, but it did before. Message 4 of 9. The screen quality and brightness is middle of the road.

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For a white paper resource that covers all the advantages of biometric security check out this link: ThinkPad T43 back-side view fingeprint image. Hav you updated it recently? Message 1 of 3. Pros The best keyboard around, combined with TrackPoint navigation allows for easy use and input Tough case titanium reinforced plastic and rugged design, yet still thin-and-light Using finger scanner as a substitute for password logon makes for easy yet secure protection of your account.

IBM ThinkPad Palmrest W/ Fingerprint Reader 26r7851 for T42/t43

If anyone has any other ideas or options i could try i would appreciate it. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. A little while later, I realized it was persistent, I wasn’t able to get in using my fingerprint. The whole thing is held readrr by a pair of sturdy metal hinges that attach the screen and main body of the laptop.

ThinkPad Tp T 2. Usability is second-to-none with the ThinkPad line and consumer oriented bells and whistles such as multicard readers or widescreen LCDs are shunned in favor of things such as adding keyboard lights, biometric security readers, hard-drive shock protection or other things that generally add to the usability, durability and security of a notebook. Nice to know a feature offered with the product, one that makes people buy the item is also the feature that seems to fail for several different reasons.


Brightness and clarity on the T43 does not match the top screens out on the market today. It would have been nice to have play, pause and stop buttons for the DVD player, but these are more consumer oriented features and in general IBM shies away from such things.

Had i known that no one would answer this issue based on the information provided i would have responded with more information a long time ago, so thank you for coming forward and at least suggesting that to me.

I had the screen brightness just above half 4 bars out of 7 and wi-fi was on. On the left side of the ThinkPad T43 we have a majority of our ports. Last update 1 Sep.

Visit our network of sites: Here you can find the latest version 5. We also have an S-Video output port available. Comparison of notebooks using Super Pi to calculate Pi to 2 million digits plugged in: Headphone out and microphone in ports are sandwiched between the Ethernet port and fan vent.

All of the sudden it didnt show up when logging in. When the pointing stick is combined with the scroll button located between the two upper mouse buttons you can scroll through web pages and long documents with ease.


Message 2 of 9. Ffingerprint The battery included with the T43 is a standard 6-cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

New IBM ThinkPad T43 notebook computers offer fingerprint reader on selected models and the new

Microsoft 3D Pinball – Space ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software is a desktop security and convenience product. On Friday everything worked OK, on Saturday fingerprint scanning failed. I had no problems using wireless on the T Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3.

This means that when you turn your computer on it will sit and wait for you to scan your finger before it will even start to boot. The ThinkPad brand has been built over many years now and has come to stand for high-quality, solidly built notebooks that are rugged in their matte black look, yet sleek and professional at the same time. Auto-suggest helps you quickly readwr down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Register Sign In Help.

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