What I notice is that in general the animated icon of network manager hangs with the tooltip “Preparing mobile broadband connection ‘Drei'” after I plugged in the. Good luck with the fix. That there are still issues with some models of Huawei is really sad, but I am sure that providing detailed informations and logfiles will help out a lot – and probably there should be a new issue opened for the remaining problems because for a large number of people the updates provided so far did help. Some of them were similar to your problems. Alfonso Rodriguez jalroca on Dmesg gives me repatedly this message: The ttyUSB devices are created then torn down every few seconds.

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Has Ubuntu going to fix this? The comments get a bit repetitive after a while, but the initial bug report is well written, as are some of the early comments. This method does not work always. Other later kernels 2.

Sadly, too, because it seems that nobody from Canonical is paying attention to users. My e works with Andy’s patched kernel and kernel.

Forum Ubuntu-it • [Internet] Problemi con la chiavetta internet huawei e con ubuntu

My connection no longer appear in network-manager list. Karmic is not recognizing the E shows up on desktop. I have tried all of the suggestions above, I am currently using the proposed kernel as confirmed by uname:.


I uhawei really not impressed by how poorly and slowly this bug has been handled by the Ubuntu developers. After some further investigation, I now have a working EModem using kernel 2.

After upgrading their modem’s firmware to the version available at this link, many people hjawei their Es were now working. I am new to Linux and it bothers me really to chnge my working setup to nonworking. Mon Sep 21 I can connect to MTS Russia successfully. Still looking for a proper fix yeah, I have one of these critters too.

[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E1692

Ubunut what I did. Changed in linux Ubuntu: At the same time for every ubuntu release since hardy has included a huaweu minute fix which introduced a regression which has bitten me or a client. I have reinstalled vmc, ozerocdoff and usb-modeswitch many times, and every available version, with no effect. I will report back when I ubunty the time to test it – should be today.

You wasted time making the system tray in 9. I can’t do any connection via e After connecting, Skype got online for instance while DNS did not work for about an hour today and I already thought the modem is not working any more. In D1692 it shows up as huawei 3G and in the driver diagnostic tab the stick answers it is an e Please check firmwares and software’s in your provider home pages!! Russell Faull, post anything at http: What I notice is that in general the animated icon of network manager hangs with the tooltip “Preparing mobile broadband connection ‘Drei'” after I plugged in the.


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Loaded just new updates from main server. When inserting huawsi usb-modem I get the following error message: Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara on The answer is that neither Canonical or the kernel developers at www. I hope this bug i cleared up by the time Ubuntu I can’t just keep my fingers crossed hoping it does not unmount, like yesterday the connection was stablen. Then problems began with 9. It’s only in -proposed and needs verification. Instead of being in competition with Windows, I see Ubuntu more as an alternative choice for computer users.