It’s implemented as a wrapper around Selenium, so it should behave no different regarding browser compatibility. The time to move to watir-webdriver is now. The syntax structure is:. The above example in Watir 2. Watir-WebDriver Watir is short for Web Application Testing in Ruby is a Ruby gem which allows you to automate your browser make it click a button, submit a form, wait for some text to appear before continuing, and so on. The rational solution is to automate your tests. If you got the error, then it does not support it.

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Note that the index might be different depending on if there are other elements prior to the html element, such as the doctype element. Finally, set is the action to perform on that HTML element. What any user, including Watir-WebDriver, does is interact with those elements. Watir-WebDriver syntax is very clean and inspired by similar frameworks in other languages Watij for Java and Gy for C. First, you’ll need to install the ‘watir’ gem – either manually or through your Gemfile.

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If you’re not sure about unit tests in your project, talk elemfnts them with the developers – good unit tests can save the team a lot of stress you can find our posts concerned with testing here. Element importantly, you can locate elements based on their text or HTML attributes. This approach has both upsides and downsides – the most important thing we have to remember is that if multiple elements fit the description – we’re not guaranteed that every call will refer to the same one I’ve never had a problem of this eupported, but it can happen.


You could also use the set? Any of the following would work:. Their aim is to meet kind of regularly in their free time to exchange experiences, knowledge, skills and opinions.

I like to think of automated browser tests as a tool supporting the manual testing.

The first line after requiring the gem is creating a browser object and binding it to aatir-webdriver variable – so we can control it. You can do browser.

How to automate check for youtube video subtitle hml zagorski software tester Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Doesn’t the watir gem currently support a similar method? Take your graphics card. Which supportd executed most often? Line 3 starts giving orders to that newly launched browser window. I assume you already have Ruby set up on your machine and have some basic knowledge of it.

Each select tag has option tags inside which are the options in the list. Email Required, but never shown.

BinarApps – Browser automation with Watir – guide (not only) for testers

In our case, the. What worked for me was Watir http: If you’ve got your tests already scripted, having a browser interface running may be unnecessary and distracting – there is a simple way around this, using the ‘headless’ gem. Apps we believe that they’re the responsibility of the programmer – ensuring that the code works just as he intended. Take the same p element from above and, this time, get the value of the id attribute:.


In that case Watir locates potentially matching elements and iterates over them to provide the requested result. You can set the text for a text field element, for example. I use watir-webdriver almost all the time. With its help, a real user can be elemnts, allowing you to automate the full stack testing of your web application. For example, if you are using Watir 1. The above example in Watir 2.

Make sure that you have the browsers you want to automate installed, and download the appropriate driver binaries:. As for Watir-WebDriver vs. Since, its an collection, I can use the each method to iterate over the collection.