Pictures are shown in full-screen view with 5- second intervals between slides. File Type Image GIF animation Video You can view the pictures as a slide show, beam them, send them via e-mail, edit them, or set them as the background on the Today screen. Camera Settings screen in Photo mode When you tap the icons at the bottom of the Camera Settings screen, different menus will appear. Page 90 90 Getting Connected Personal tab Icon Description Buttons Assign a program or function to a hardware button. When you start entering numbers or characters, Smart Dialing will automatically search and sort the contact entries in Contacts and the phone numbers in Call History including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Page E signal is transmitted and over which UT Starcom has no control.

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Synchronizing Music Hyc Video 5. Chapter 2 Entering and Searching Information 2. You can set reminders for your tasks and you can organize them using categories.

Select the information types that you want tita10 synchronize then click Next. To keep your data more secure, you can set your device to prompt for a password every time the device is turned on or when your device has been idle after a specified amount of time.

Third- party belt-clips, holsters and similar accessories containing metallic components should not be used. Arcsoft t-mobile wing pocket pc phone user manual pages. Page 11 Item Function Jog Wheel While on the Today screen or using applications, scroll up or down to navigate through menus or program instructions; press the wheel to carry out a selection. When the restoration process is complete, press the Space Bar on the hardware keyboard to restart your device. Bubble Breaker and Solitaire.


Chapters Table Of Contents Page Titta100 The following types of information can hfc synchronized between your computer and your device: Page 22 22 Entering and Searching Information 2. Page Slide open the hardware keyboard, then press R to do a hard reset.


You can choose to connect via USB or Bluetooth. Chapter 10 Getting Connected Other options that you can select include the following: Note Flags are enabled only if e-mail messages are synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server or higher.

The procedure for creating a voice tag for a program is the same as the procedure for creating a voice tag for a phone number. Page 10 10 Getting Started 1. Additional safety information can be found in the Appendix at the end of the user manual.

Camera Settings screen in Tta100 mode When you tap the icons at the bottom of the Camera Settings screen, different menus will appear. A soft or normal reset of your device clears all active program memory and shuts down all active programs.


Sprint Mogul PPC-6800 (HTC Titan 100)

Connect a Bluetooth hands-free or stereo headset For hands-free phone conversations, you can use a Bluetooth hands-free headset such as a car kit with your device. In the Running Programs List, tap the program you want to close, and tap Stop. See Chapter 2 for details. Flag Your Messages Flags serve as reminders to yourself to follow up on important issues or requests that are indicated in the messages.

However, you can also use Wi-Fi or dial-up to connect your device to the Internet or you company network.

Got it, continue to print. On the Region tab, select your region from the list. To send instant messages You can send instant messages with emoticons, and even talk by sending a voice clip.

Page 61 To reply to or forward a text message Select or open the message. Time Synchronization Choose whether or not to synchronize the time on your device with the mobile network.

Page E signal is transmitted and over which UT Starcom has no control.