Close the Programs and Features window. Reboot your system to remove the DSM. To install into the user specified directory for both 32 and 64 bit systems, in lines 27 and 32 of the setup. This indicates potential failures in this support. Install multipath for server and reboot ServerManagerCmd. Specifies a physical device object PDO removal period, in seconds. This section describes the following:

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HP MPIO Full Featured DSM for P6x00 family of Disk Arrays 4.03.00

Select your product and then select Download drivers and software. Close the Programs and Features window. Lab Specifications The specifications of the lab are important because one specific driver needed for one piece of hardware ended up being the root cause of most of my issues. To install into the user specified directory for both 32 and 64 bit systems, in lines 27 and 32 of the setup.

You can enable or disable the failback feature for a device.

HP MSA series MPIO DSM on Windows – Ars Technica OpenForum

A path can exist in one of the following states: The following example demonstrates the information displayed by the hpdsm set device policy command. Y is the SCSI address of the preferred restored. Use the hpdsm paths device command to view the available paths for the device.


Successfully cleared the reservation on device. A reboot of the system is recommended to overcome this inconsistent state. Install multipath for server and reboot ServerManagerCmd.

I hope it makes sense. Recommended Windows Cluster shared storage activation path: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Y is the SCSI address of the last path that failed. Using the Cluster Administrator: Add the redundant paths to the storage devices.

Example In the following example, before executing the command, primaryPrimary is shown as false; after running the command, Primary is shown as true. Install all the hardware components, as described in hhp hardware installation and configuration documentation. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade.

The default value is You must enclose the paths to the response file and the log file, which records the information about the silent installation, in quotes “”. Open the command prompt with administrative privileges and change the ssm to C: SYS event log messages Pause the current cluster node.


Specifies ssm MPIO performs custom path recovery. A reboot will ensure that device instances exposed through the latter HBA are made useable. Back up all user data on multipath storage. Select the responses in each screen and run through the installation. This is caused by the InstallShield software and may occur if another software package created with InstallShield is added to the system. The possible states include: As soon as I changed this setting to “Windows ” and rebooted the servers just has a precaution the cluster validation ended OK.

After many OS re-install and trials and errors, I finally found the problem. The other available paths can be used by non-critical applications. Pay close attention to the instructions in the dialog box for string formatting.