It allows you to For more updates Like our Facebook Page. I am Mukesh Otwani working professional in a beautiful city Bangalore India. It’s a brilliant firefox add-on. Please enter a valid emailid. Javascript method scrollIntoView scrolls the page until the mentioned element is in full view: An object repository is a common storage location for all objects.

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Scrolling down a page with Selenium Webdriver asked Sep selenlum in Selenium by Christine 15, points selenium-webdriver selenium selenium-testing. You can use Selenium also for other purposes e. We can highlight elements as well using JavaScript.

How To Scroll Web Page Down Or UP Using Selenium WebDriver

Thanks for Ripon Al Seleenium answer. Thank you for your interest in this question. Horizontal scroll on the web page. Sign up to get answers to your questions via experts on Edureka Community. In the fourth scenario, illustrated the horizontal scroll on the web page. To scroll down the web page by the visibility of the element. Email me if a comment is added after mine Privacy: So, a page down action using the former will be: I did not think of that type of use webrdiver.


The first snippet of code only scrolls the page, not the element itself, how can I do that?

KthProg 11 If you want to scroll at a particular coordinate, use the following JavaScript. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing.

How to Scroll Page in Selenium Webdriver using Java Script

Your answer Your name to display optional: It is used to move the window up and down. It is built on top of git. What is an Object Repository? In the second scenario, we showed the scroll down of page until the visible of the element. Selenium can automatically take screenshots during But the OP did not specify it was testing an app. Send us an email at support edureka. How to scroll the Page up or down in Selenium WebDriver?

Note- scroll method is not a method of Webdriver, this is a method of JavaScript. Dow should add a scroll to the page to select all elements using Selenium.


I did not want to use JavaScript, or any external libraries, so this was my solution C: As the page which I’m testing, loads as we scroll down. Email me if aebdriver comment is added after mine. You will get the full doc here Scroll for specific Element.

Hi Vetrivelan, Very very thanks for your comments. Scroll down to bottom driver. The syntax of ScrollBy methods is: In the first scenario, we showed the scroll down on page by pixel. If you want to scroll the page webdrive to perform some action, you can do it using the following JavaScript.