For a player like myself who is not always consistent, the adjustability creates the assurance that I can achieve a fade or draw with the help of the club. The precise adjustability will give better players the ability to precisely adjust the club for their particular game, and average golfers will gain more confidence knowing they can adjust the club to counteract swing flaws on any given day. The lack of emphasis on distance in their marketing is even more surprising considering how long the VR Pro proved to be during our testing. I am presently using two drivers, to accomodate my swing imperfection. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Certainly the VR Pro proved to be among the most difficult to fit. The VR Str8-Fit Tour has just enough mass to let you feel the club-head all the way through from takeaway toyr release. I was on the Stonecreedk driving range, last Sunday.

GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Leave hkw Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check out our contests! This review really proves that out. I think the VR just sounds and feels very pure.

The classic pear shape of adjuzt head is a step back from the square headed design of the SQ MachSpeed, and the slight ridge at the back edge of the crown subtly recalls the powerbow of previous driver designs. If you explain your situation, they may be able to provide some alternatives for you. Though the numbers suggest it should have been otherwise, no other tester rated accuracy higher than an 8.


Product Review: Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Fairway Wood

I can now hit a draw with the VR pro. I hit approximately 50 range balls with the new VR driver using three face angle settings — square, 1 degree go and 1 degree closed.

Of course the further out toward the toe or heel I hit the ball, the less distance I got, but if I hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the club face Hod got very good distance.

I found the distance the same as victody Callaway Diablo Octane both have the Project X shaft that I really likebut the adjustability put this one ahead. Keep us posted as to how your new VR Pro treats you! Nike Golf was formed to also to manufacture and sell golf clubs and balls in order to cash in on the growing golf market.

Nike Golf VR STR8-Fit Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. The only thing is that it broke while i was hitting on the range. The latter more than made up for an of the other qualms I had about it, which is why it spent the majority of last season in my bag.

The lie angle I tested was 9. I got better results from this driver than all other major OEM drivers from this year except maybe Ping during couple demo days.

The head of the VR fairway wood is heavier than that of my current SQ Sumo 3-wood, and as result I was able to swing easier and get a very solid strike on the ball, letting the momentum of the heavier clubhead do the work. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. I have absolutely no proof, but I suspect the STR8-Fit hosel has a fairly dramatic impact on feel, and if Nike ever decided to product a lower priced, glued model, the results would be better. I will hit both before buying and choose then but your already a step ahead of me having hit both …thanks.


Write a Review Rate This Product: When you were first trying out the settings, did you notice a big difference in ball flight from right to left or left to right with varying heights?

If a course has a predominance of left-to-right holes, open the face for a fade. OEM Kevin May 18, – 7: As I said, not every shot was great, but on my missed shots the club was more forgiving than my current 3-wood. I liked the idea of the smaller cc Victory Red Tour driver the one without the adjustable hosel.

Our testers liked the concept of adjusting the club, but they could also see that it might be a bit confusing! You may want stt8-fit try calling Nike Golf Customer Service at Adnust give Nike credit for soldiering on in the battle to be seen as a major OEM.