In normal operating mode, the C20 cycles fairly quickly, and is ready to take the next picture about 8 seconds after the previous one in its highest resolution mode. A “saturation” slider controls the intensity of the colors. HP PhotoSmart C20 1. Programs exist that will gang-up prints of a uniform size, to print multiples of 2, 3, 4, or more images per page of output, but generally their capabilities are limited to printing the same number of copies each image, all at the same size. Show More Show Less. A general rule of thumb is that an amateur photographer can hand-hold for exposures as long in seconds as the inverse of the lens focal length in mm. Nonetheless, the fact that the camera can run on standard AA batteries means that you’ll never need be stranded without batteries, since AA alkalines are available literally everywhere.

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Take a look at the test images from the C20 with extensive commentsor jump to the Comparometer tm page to compare its reference images with those from other digital cameras.

Some flash-mode options, and the image-quality control remember their settings between times the camera is powered on. A “reset” button will also set everything back to normal with a single click, if you get too lost in the adjustment process. You can then print an index print of all their photos for easy viewing and selection – all within 45 minutes of opening the box.

The fact that such pictures could be obtained with little attention to manual exposure adjustments or white balance correction speaks well of the C20’s suitability as a general-use digital camera for consumers.

The breadboard of the camera was small enough to fit a Konica Q-M To change the size of the print, you simply click on the popup, and choose from a range of pre-configured image sizes which, again, are also user-configurable. Connected to a TV with a video input jack, the C20 becomes a portable presentation machine.

The battery-condition indicator in the C20 appears to be calibrated for alkaline cells, and so will incorrectly display the “half empty” or is that “half full?


The autoexposure system on the C20 operates “through the lens” TTLso it is less likely to be affected by stray light than otherwise, but is still subject to being fooled by unusual subjects, whether a light object against a dark background, a backlit subject, or one that’s unusually uniform in overall brightness such as a snow or beach scene.

With this feature, you can easily accommodate off-center subjects by turning to center them, locking the focus and exposure, then turning back to frame the shot to your liking before firing the shutter.

HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

Unless you happen to have a PC-card reader on your Mac, in which case you can pull images eigital off the CF card very quickly. The size menu initially defaults to the image size in pixels, meaning the image will print at a default size based on a “pixels per inch” setting you can adjust elsewhere in the program.

It includes multiple templates for creative projects, and a full range of image-editing tools. When you scroll past the end of the 9 images shown on the screen, the camera will display a fresh set of 9 on the screen for pqckard to select from. The good news is that you’ll rarely feel a need to!

HP Photosmart c20 Basic Manual

This is a apability we’ve generally found more useful than we first expected: Using their PCs and the HP PhotoSmart printer and photographic paper, they can produce snapshots, reprints, and creative projects in the photosmatt of their own homes.

By contrast though, the cell voltage stays more or less constant throughout the battery’s charge life, only dropping off sharply at the very end of the charge. The HP PhotoSmart photo-finishing software also provides advanced image-management features that enable users to crop, lighten or darken, adjust color, and add captions or text to their photos before printing.

Although photosmarf body is constructed entirely of molded plastic, the “feel” of the camera is very substantial, thanks in part to the weight of the rear-panel plastic housing. The camera front is much lighter-weight, and definitely feels like plastic when you tap on it, but the overall heft of the device for the most part dispelled that perception.


Not a big thing, but some cameras use a bottom-mounted latch for the CF socket, meaning you have to unmount them from a tripod in order to pull the card. The real catch comes when it’s time to actually do something with the pictures you’ve taken: These features include the self-timer delay seconds, with a default of 10auto shut-off time minutes, with a default of 5communications parameters, a “maximum size for auto detection for memory cards” 32 or 64 Megabytesand even the LCD language.

HP PhotoSmart C20 MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

In fact, with the exposure compensation set up all the way, we found that the camera could totally blow-out an exposure at a light level of EV5. Interestingly, these controls remain active even when in “review” mode, a feature we hadn’t seen before. This is a reasonably broad range, adequate to the majority of situations you’re likely to encounter.

True, some incorporate fancy software to ease the image-transfer process as does the C20but even the worst are faster than manual processes like image scanning. Eventhough it is a old camera, it works perfect and takes decend photos. PhotoSmart C20 digital camera gives new meaning to ‘instant gratification. See our coverage of it below. A circular, rainbow-hued color control lets you adjust the overall color cast of an image very easily and interactively.

A minor user-interface quibble: Photo albums, framed prints hanging on walls, prints displayed on a mantlepiece or other furniture at home, on a desk at the office, prints stuffed into a wallet — all of these common uses require print-on-paper.

Other characteristics of the LCD screen on the C20 are about middle-of-the-road: The cosmetic differences and the GUI of the camera are too far apart from each other.