A small battery holder for the Gopro mount. Posted January 19, My brass insert mounting technique is [1] heat them for five seconds on my soldering iron, [2] push them in until nearly flush, [3] immediately while still hot! Have you looked into using the LaForge firmware with your system? Headplay TrueD Diversity Pro

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Register a new account. Here’s copy of hwadplay typical RX diversity schematic I found on the web. That wraps up the project; Diversity and a DVR are very nice additions to have on these goggles.

Sorry for all the questions. RX case for Headplay goggle. Should the diversity board power right up?

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The inserts go on the side with the larger diameter hole and must be flush with the plastic part’s surface. A bit messy looking but everything fits! Thanks for the feedback! And it isn’t just the RX Pro that has this issue; The other Chinese copies of this “open source” 5. M3 screws are used to mount the 3D Printed enclosure on the goggle’s top foam case. You mentioned that the Chinese diversity units are often different, so I understand if you don’t have an answer to my question.


If you are new to 3D printing then here’s some basic recommendations: Already have an account? The adhesive side of plastic tape works well to lift the dust specs too.

I disordered the PCB and all smd components except the 10K voltage divider resistor. You’ll want wire frames with large untinted glass lenses.

headplay 3d models

And speaking of the 3D printed case, here’s an explanation of how all the printed bits go together. So an endless number of Chinese suppliers have created their version of it.

Skip to the next post to continue reading about building the project. Posted November 5, Set the plastic pieces down into the foam for a recessed fit. A 3D printed enclosure contains the 5.

3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2

The 3D printed parts help with the aesthetics. Next tack them in place on the 3D printed lens holder using your hot melt glue gun. Already have an account? Register a new account. Either way thanks for coming up with this setup. However, there are hobbyists and businesses that will print any 3D part for a fee.


This will increase video drop out events during weak signals. Posted January 28, edited.

I designed it with FPV in mind. Do I miss something?

Edited April 17, by Mr. Now that you have confirmed that the lenses provide a clear view it’s time to permanently glue them in place.

If you choose the one shown in my source links then its shape will be compatible with the 3D print STL files I have created for the project. One video transmitter and one video receiver is used for 3d video signal headplaj.