If this tutorial works for you, great! The partitions can be detected using Xplorer 4. You need to make it look like:. Most users should use undo. I flashed my WD-drive an followed the tutorial from digiex.

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HddHackr — how it modifies a Western Digital drive for use in an Xbox

Yes you can just shut your PC down from there. Naturally I formatted the drive with the console asked me for serial and everything then guess what, no matter how many times I format it, it still says “unformatted”.

Hcdhackr to InsaneNutters thread as listed above to finish the modification. Still same issue, it says the Fujisu is unformatted. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The xbox must be rejecting the drive when it sees it as Seagate at boot time.

You can now also use GB. This may allow you to use a non Western Digital hard drive in your The partitions can be detected using Xplorer 4. Results should once again read Sectors: Bin, you just need to change the number cujitsu LBA sectors to the ones your drive has. Choose ‘Fill with hex hddhavkr, enter 00 and press ‘ok’. When hddhacker says that it can only operate with WD drives, it asks you if you want to retry flashing.


Hex Workshop looks like this.

This tutorial is only for people who can launch HDDhacker, but it refuses to write to or read from your hard drive. Jul 14, Messages: Thats what i know. It changes to something different which doesn’t make sense. If I undo I go back to my previous serial number, so that’s good news, but No way to put the hdvhackr serial into 75V0TT0.

KropotovGoshaNov 1, If you open the gb hddss. Mar 10, Messages: This page shows you how to replace the original hard drive with a new suitable 20, 60, or GB model. I have added a link in the FAQ at the bottom of my tutorial.


Because there are a lot of people who have probs with there original hitachi drives, searching for the SS of the GB hdd for example. On a side note, I didn’t hddhaackr the undo.

Is anybody can help me? This happens sometimes due to sector 16 being blank and HDDhacker thinking it’s a failure to read, not a blank sector. The time now is What I found out: When someone decides to dump their gb hdd and share the hddss. Yes, my password is: This should work in Vista or Windows 7 as well as long as you run your hex editor as administrator.


I’ll try to get that Halo 2 fix up before I go to bed too. How to hack a gb sata drive to work in the Xbox and Xbox Slim It is a fantastic tutorial written by InsaneNutter and should be used first.

To do this, goto offset EB and edit it to make it look like:. However, there’ll be no data shown yet.