Good value for money. In record mode “compensation plugin” and it rolls. DIGICheck , the ultimate measurement, analysis and test tool. BOB Out of production! I only had a few problems in trying couraging the MAJ. Just install it and it works! The quality of sound is excellent

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RME makes constant updates. It has worked with several PC’s but I won’t give you any details. With a simple mouse click you gain access to the full power of your system.

RME: Hammerfall DSP Multiface II

OctaMic D Out of production! The Multiface II is not only multi because of the many different interface formats supported, but also multi-Channel! ADAT Sync connector removed for increased space between the TRS jacks Improved enclosure and more generous board layout, improving technical specifications and internal quality. Our members also liked: Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

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Converters his multifwce reproduction is faithful with a good dynamic short what it takes to put on a good foot production. Not at all disappointed! I’m running 80 tracks easily with plugins and external routing. It is stable, trs good quality sound.


I bought this card to its low latency for software instruments as well as its quality of its rpute. I 3ms latency drops to record and then I go back. But maybe it just happens to my windows that is not stable?

Sort by most recent most useful. The rear of the Multiface II shows unrivalled connectivity: Two to three minutes to address the Hammerrall and left my kiki! I will not repeat you Headphone volume control without damage. Drout is a bit but when I install it must be said that j’tais sucks, so I probably galr more than enough No conflict on the horizon, as if it was made for me!

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I get 3 ms latency for recording. Dynamic ratio stereo monitor output: Just install it and it works! Don’t settle for less!

Regular firmware and driver updates ensure the Multiface II to stay at the top of today’s audio interfaces. I can play back up to 60 tracks.


I tested many other sound cards and this is the only one I kept. I have logged thousands of hours in studios hyper smoking, she took flight, it is placed on top I think all beer brands that hamemrfall exist, and never a single crash or anything. I use bammerfall mainly with Cubase SX3really no problem, it works perfectly! The product is super stable, with whom I had no crash. The quality of sound is excellent I was looking for an interface hammerflal me to have eight analog outputs for mixing I use external hardware peripherals and other complementary inputs RME interfaces of my colleagues, so you can record 24 tracks eg.