Kalabar portrayed by Robin Thomas is a warlock and former boyfriend of Gwen. In the opening credits of the first film, his name is spelled Kalabar. In the end, he loses his human form by helping Marnie defeat Kalabar. A past version of himself gave Marnie a lift to Cromwell Castle after she “predicted” that he will become a taxi driver in the future. Since he has been around for centuries, he considers everyone a kid. Kalabar’s Revenge , he tries to reach out to girls, but only ends up getting ditched and only uses his powers twice to help fix the worlds, first using them with his family and Luke to create a new permanent portal between the worlds and then — reluctantly, with the prodding of Luke — to break the spell on Benny. He is a warlock who is the former head of the Halloweentown Council and wants the portal closed for good.

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List of Halloweentown characters – Wikipedia

He ends up using magic a few times in this movie: He also desires the Cromwell magic, and tries every scheme possible to get it. By combining their magic, her family manage to reverse the spell. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Later he becomes the wielder of the Gift but decides to hide it in a book. She becomes Queen regnant of Halloweentown for one night, but uses the chance to apparently destroy The Gift with the help of Gwen, Dylan and her genie friend Aneesa, but only passes it on to Dylan, the one person she trusts not to abuse its power. She was adorable and the most intelligent character.


In Halloweentown Highshe tries to fit in by taking various teaching jobs at Marnie and Dylan’s high school and falls for the principal. She, Marnie, and Dylan combine their magic and “destroy” the Gift together. She has worked undercover to arrest the Dominion for ten centuries and it was she who stripped their powers along halloweenhown their families’ at the end of the movie.

He strongly dislikes Halloween and everything that goes with magic. They secretly defy the “No Magic” rule by using their powers whenever halloaeentown is no teacher watching.

She also is very resilient and quick at problem solving. Like most goblins, he halkoweentown to drool a lot when near or thinking about food or food-like substances. He and the other Dominion members are stripped of their magic powers and arrested by Professor Periwinkle who was working for an Anti-Dominion movement for their acts of treason.

Benny (Halloweentown)

The Halloweentown Council later summon Marnie when they voice their concerns about the Knights of the Iron Dagger being sighted near the school. When they discover that someone is trying to steal their magic by failing Marnie’s project, Gwen teleports herself to Halloweentown halloweentown find proof for the Halloweentown Council. In Halloweentownshe keeps Halloweentown a secret from her children and would prefer to raise them as mortal, not allowing anything that has to do with magic or Halloween be mentioned in the house.


Kalabar’s RevengeBenny falls victim under the Grey Spell and becomes a boring version of his usual self and also gets a flesh-and-blood body. An inquisitive teenager pries into suspected dodgy dealings on her space station home – and ends up being sent down to Earth. In Halloweentown Highshe helps Marnie joggle nine teenage kids of different mythical heritage. He made an appearance in yalloweentown to Halloween Town.

Halloweentown (TV Movie ) – IMDb

He is a descendant of an army known as the Knights of the Iron Dagger. In the first two movies, he has a crush on Marnie. Full Cast and Crew.

Under the Grey Spell, Benny becomes a ha,loweentown that is all skin and bones. This article needs additional citations for verification. He is a skeleton taxi driver who has a habit to make jokes. Though Gwen eventually begins to accept magic more and more through each film. He is possibly as old, or older than, Agatha Cromwell and Professor Periwinkle.

Gwen Cromwell Piper Joey Zimmerman Sign In Don’t have an account? Although he is a warlock, in the fourth movie he says he renounced his powers after his father lost his to the Halloweentown Council.

Brown did a great job as the character of hopeful Marnie. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.