Your investment will be fully exposed to any decline in the Ending Index Level as compared to the Initial Index Level. The closing level for the SPX on September 9, was 1, HSBC has filed a registration statement including a prospectus, a prospectus supplement and Equity Index Underlying Supplement with the SEC for the offerings to which this free writing prospectus relates. Changes that affect the relevant Reference Asset will affect the market value of the securities and the amount you will receive at maturity. You should consider carefully whether the securities are suitable to your investment goals. The policies of the reference sponsor of the relevant Reference Asset concerning additions, deletions and substitutions of the constituents comprising such Reference Asset and the manner in which the reference sponsor takes account of certain changes affecting those constituents included in such Reference Asset may affect the level of such Reference Asset. As a result, the price, if any, at which J.

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If your securities are linked to the SPX: These pricing models consider certain assumptions and variables, which can include volatility and interest rates.

Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense. We reserve the right to withdraw, cancel or modify any offering and to gww orders in whole or in part.

It is possible that this trading activity will ut-8f the value of the Index and the securities. The prospectus supplement at: An investment in the notes involves significant risks.

The following graph sets forth the historical performance of the SX5E based on the daily historical closing levels from January 1, through September 9, Plan of Distribution Conflicts of Interest.


Each of the securities will have the Maximum Cap indicated in the table below. We or one of our affiliates will act as calculation agent with respect to the securities.


We have not authorized anyone to provide you with information or to make any representation to you that is not contained in this free writing prospectus, any accompanying underlying supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus. As a result, the price, if any, at which Barclays Bank PLC or its affiliates will be willing to purchase the ROS from you prior to maturity in secondary market transactions, if at all, will likely be lower than the original issue price, and any such sale prior to the maturity date could result in a substantial loss to you.

An affiliate of HSBC has paid or may pay in the future an amount to broker-dealers in connection with the costs of the continuing implementation of systems to support the securities. In the event of any changes to the terms of the notes, we will notify you and you will be asked to accept such changes in connection with your purchase.

This free writing prospectus relates to two offerings of Accelerated Market Participation Securities. Notice to EEA Investors. Assuming this characterization is respected, your gain or loss on the notes should be treated as capital gain or loss, whether or not you are an initial purchaser of notes at the issue price.

Although the actual level of the Reference Asset on the stated Maturity Date or at other times during the term of the securities may be higher than the Final Level, the Payment at Maturity will be based solely on the Official Closing Level of the Reference Asset on the Final Valuation Date.

The numbers appearing in the table below 94-v0 following examples have been rounded for ease of analysis. You should make your own ut-88d investigation of the merits of investing in 9v-0 ROS and the Index. Investment in the securities involves certain risks. As a result, the actual and perceived yt-8d of HSBC may affect the market value of the securities and, in the event HSBC were to default on its obligations, you may not receive the amounts owed to you under the terms of the securities.



What are the tax consequences of the ROS? This temporary price difference may exist because, in our discretion, we may elect to effectively reimburse to investors a portion of the estimated cost of hedging our obligations under the securities and other costs in connection with the securities that we will no longer expect to incur over the term of the securities.

You will be subject to significant risks not associated with conventional fixed-rate or floating-rate debt securities.

Each of the securities will have the respective terms described in this free writing prospectus and the accompanying prospectus supplement, prospectus and Equity Index Underlying Supplement. The level of the SX5E depends upon the stocks of non-U.

The closing level of the Index on the Trade Date.

Determining Payment at Maturity. We have derived all disclosure regarding the Reference Assets from publicly available information.

Even if there is a secondary market, it may not provide enough liquidity to allow you to trade or sell the ROS easily. JPMSI intends to offer to purchase the notes in the secondary market but is not required to do so.

You may lose some or all of your principal.

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You prefer to receive the dividends paid on any stocks included in the Index. Your investment in uh-8d securities may result in a loss. For example, if the Index Return is more than 9.