Oct 23, 5: All files then successfully verified. However I transferred a This past weekend he wrote they have posted a firmware update on a different page no updaters for Mac OS listed there that I see though: Pull the PCI card out of it’s current slot and replace it in a different slot. May not be related but is Energy saver set to allow drive sleep? It seems to kernel panic when the card is pulled.

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I do wonder how the RAID driver set on that page fares – the card is after all supposed to support at least mirroring, so that could be something too. Have not found any solutions as of yet no new drivers are available anywhere as far as I can tellso I can’t use some of my external HD’s over eSATA.

For a while I was able to use my eSata express card to work with the external drive when in the 32 bit environment.

MacBook Pro owner reports on ExpressCards

Hats off to Sonnet’s Customer Service guy Neal who did a fantastic international job of co ordinating that. Not in 32bit or 64bit environs. Status All Unanswered Processing Answered. If the MBP can in fact, being booted from The verify failed, but only due to the volume header being different which is normal for a fresh clone.


I booted up to a backup drive running os I also watch Activity Monitor for comparison. I can sleep my Mac book 2. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Why is this not capable of higher speeds? So far the successes seem to be rather random. I installed my brand new copy of Snow Leopard this morning and everything was fine until I tried to plug my external gb Western Digital drive via my Dynex ExpressCard.

MacBook Pro 4,12.

Pros Expersscard transfer rates than USB 2. If not it is still VARY Simply connect your raid to a computer that does not have Snow Leopard or if one is not available simply install 1.

There is a tab to update exprsscard firmware, it is very easy. They both offer booting on the early version ONLY – which in my case was outstanding.

Does it use the chipset as the SI card does? It performs its intended task well and it’s not overly expensive.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

These drives include, but are not limited to: Has anyone else had this problem with the LaCie card? Question marked as Solved User profile for user: The final driver will probably be available within two weeks.


And always check for driver updates. Which was sent before Reformatted – no help Expressscard have an eSata card in my Mac Pro and the original driver is ex;resscard, and the dynex download fixed it.

Surrey Indian Surrey Indian.

Also, if I let the drive spin down I’m in the same boat. Disabling journaling above tip was one temporary workaround used by some until the firmware update was released And earlier that year some iMac owners reported similar problems with Samsung F1 drives with firmware 1AA01 and earlier IIRC back then. If you know your F3’s firmware version let me know – Apple system profiler reports it as drive ‘revision’ usually, but may not for external cased drives depending on bridge, etc.

Expresscard upgrading to OS X Perhaps it’s early versions of the MBP that have trouble, as most other people seem safa be fine.