It’s likely due to taking the unit in my vehicle, while not shutting it off every time I used my 2-meter rig, at only 10 watts, even though I always unplugged the antenna from the unit when transmitting on 2-meters. I am waiting for the Whistler WS, really the mobile version of this scanner. Here’s peek at what it’ll do: Some folks are afraid that since Radio Shack has gone bankrupt, the support for the scanner will be gone. Worked OK for just over a year than the audio went dead. Just remember that you should also use the lower menu on the bottom to access the different downloads for modifications.

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After about 3 years or so, the scanner completely bricked as I was trying to update it.

PSR – The RadioReference Wiki

Using the same antenna for both units, my Bearcat XT outperformed the on Trunked traffic about 18 miles away. This baby took a good week to figure out. New to Ham Radio? Remove the battery cover and as grscom are looking at the scanner from the back, the mini SSD card will be on the left side.

This model became Whistler’s genesis model for which they rebranded and released, the additional badge-engineered models, as their own model WS, also manufacturing for RadioShack the RS Pro branded equivalent. Hands down the BEST scanner on the market to date. After having MANY scanners in the last 30 years, this is my favorite. Absolutely love this scanner. My serial number is a low range. They seem to be very long lived.


I chose the latter. Push on the card with your fingernail and it will pop out.

GRE PSR800 Grecom Psr-800 EZ Scan Digital Scanner Receiver

This scanner can be the most frustrating or simple scanner that you have ever used Because of the Radio Shack bankruptcy, the prices of these scanner have fallen because of the fear that there will be no support. Three additional models with direct ancestry, the RS Pro lacking certain features, the WS with additional numeric and function keys on the vrecom and their newest overhauled version of a handheld, the TRX-1 in the same form factor. But it does an excellent job scanning in my area, especially on the P25 systems.

Yes, it has some quirks. For Upgraded details, specs and info, refer to the Whistler WS page.

GRE PSR Grecom Psr EZ Scan Digital Scanner Receiver | eBay

All features and spec’s listed below are what the scanner was until, at the latest, May of This is by far the easiest scanner to work with that I’ve used. The scanner and it’s further iteration have been known to be highly sensitive but can easily be overwhelmed by strong nearby gredom.

To tell the difference between modified versions of the PSR – a quick power-up the GRE splash logo will be displayed if it’s a standard ; if it’s a Whistler variant: I downgrade it a star because software has some odd ways of handling things and I would have preferred more buttons to grecoj the number of times I have to scroll through menus.

This one outshines them all. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Put in your zip code or whatever area zip code you wish to monitor, pick the services which are clearly labeled including Ham Radio spr-800 using the Radio Reference database your channels are populated! Shortly afterwards, all intellectual property for this product was acquired by The Whistler Group.


It’s likely due to taking the unit in my vehicle, while not shutting it off every time I used my 2-meter rig, at only 10 watts, even though I always unplugged the antenna from the unit when transmitting on 2-meters. The Radio Shack Pro is an easy scanner to program, but it does require a re-think of how to set up a scanner. To re-install, follow the pictorial for how it goes in.

Part numbers are no longer available from Radio Shacks website, may be available from other sources. Here’s peek at what it’ll do: Retrieved from ” http: There is updates available on RadioReference dot com for the library and there are updates to firmware available online and will be so for the future until technology changes again. That said, I’ve had mine for about 4 years and it has kept pace with the local transition to P25 just fine.

Psr-8000 access this card, it is located on the left side under the batter cover.