The emergency patient transportation systems uniquely require transmission of data pertaining to the patient, vehicle, time of the call, physiological signals like ECG, blood pressure, a body temperature, and blood oxygen saturation , location information, a snap shot of the patient, and voice. The use of the processor S3C resulted in compact design of the system. LPC Board Clock and reset circuits are tested using an oscilloscope. Please review our privacy policy. Clinical assessment of wireless ECG transmission in real-time cardiac telemonitoring. The respiratory module is tested for the impedance variation. A mobile ECG telemonitoring system along with an accelerometer, to sense sudden postural changes that reflect sudden cardiac failure, has been developed [ 9 ].

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These are displayed on the graphical user interface of the system.

GPS and GPRS Based Telemonitoring System for Emergency Patient Transportation

The front end application at the central monitoring est-6000u is developed using. It’s a USB internet modem. Out of the 46 subjects, the heart rate increased for 33 subjects and it decreased for 13 modrm Figure Specifically developed program reads this data and transfers through USB port to a computer.

The data is updated every second. Data Acquisition An investigation using the developed physiological data acquisition module and GPS receiver has been carried out to explore the possibility of relationship between physiological parameters and geographical location.


GPRS Modem (EST-600U)

Later they are integrated into a unified system and again tested as a whole. The frequency can be changed to adjust the baud rate of the connected peripheral.

Click “Add” to insert your video. Please assign your manual to a product: This card is tested by storing and retrieving typical text files.

GPS and GPRS Based Telemonitoring System for Emergency Patient Transportation

He then connects the physiological data acquisition to the patient, which acquires required data from the victim and transfers the data including patient’s image, previous history, etc. Not finding what you are looking for? Using the software H flasher boot loader Super vivi The application code interacts with the hardware device through the device driver associated with the corresponding hardware and accesses the device.

In order to achieve energy savings, a power supply control switch to LCD is incorporated.

This system is found to mpdem very useful for emergency patient transportation being undertaken by organizations like EMRI.

Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measurement and GPS position monitoring of patients. Camera Module This module is tested by running the software along with the camera.

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China Total Annual Sales Volume: This work can be extended by taking the recordings at different geographical locations. The changes in physiological parameters might be attributed to the difference in altitude about meters between the two locations.


Performance evaluation of selected ionospheric delay models during geomagnetic storm conditions in low-latitude region. The data received through internet is extracted to obtain the individual parameters.

Baseboard houses key board, programming interfaces, memory card, and audio devices. The individual modules of the developed system are est-60u0 separately for their independent satisfactory performance. The processor module and base module are separately designed to provide flexibility and reduction in cost. Table 1 Typical specifications of the proposed system.

The application running on PC reads this data and displays values on the monitor. The required DC voltages are 5. The system developed by us is a comprehensive, cost-effective system approximately USDwhich can acquire the physiological data, GPS data, vehicle parameters, patient information, patient snap shot, and SOS messages and transmit them as a single data packet using a moem network.

Khan and Mishra [ 5 ] reported that position and velocity of vehicle can be estimated using GPS receiver fitted in the vehicle and sent to the central monitoring station using GSM. The Linux kernel source code used is Linux 2. The location details are shown in Table rst-600u.