Achieving a 15 year history of designing and building golf clubs takes passion and an understanding of people who love golf as much as we do. The folks who are saying it is a Christmas movie appear to be doing it tongue-and-cheek for the most part. I have hit every club from persimmon to today’s quality club heads and shafts. If you are not sure yet, take a chance. The 4th thru the 10th drives were pulls or dead hooks 3 in the parallel fairways.

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Re: GigaGolf Clubs Just Arrived! |

Why is choosing the correct shaft type and flex important? It was nothing special and the finish was sub par.

I guess I can say it lacks the “punch” and smoothness I expected with that much club mass. Imp a low single figure handicapper and have tried many drivers in the market.

You have completed the online club building process. I pulled this driver, blistered the ball right at If I had not I would have ordered it myself by now. My clubs lasted probably rounds of golf and could have gone at least half that more so they should easily last one season plus gigagolf offers a one year full warranty on parts and labor as well as 30 day playability guarantee so your probably covered Also Ive played steel shafts on my Irons forever and the only time I feel discomfort from them is when I hit it really fat.


Re: GigaGolf Clubs Just Arrived!

Used it yesterday and I hit some of the longest and straightest drives I’ve ever hit. I’ve ordered the following: The 4th thru the 10th drives were pulls or dead hooks 3 in the parallel fairways. Back in the old days, Im talking like s hereit was common custom for a man to take his hat off at various times.

Gender see all Gender. I just finished re-gripping my irons with Medalist grips GP Tour Velvet clone and I’m going to re-grip the GXz with one of those, as they’re not only a bit gigagolc, but have a larger diameter end vx2 that I prefer.

Additionally, advanced club building services can be selected from the Advanced Services menu. We just played last Saturday, and they still look and perform great. Reliability in clubs, and so far, they have proven to dash any sense of worry.

Our swing robot tests have demonstrated a significant loss of distance and accuracy when the lie angle is not correct. I have a Taylor Made driver and really thought I was wasting money.

I’m a beginner golfer, stand 5’6″ with a high 80mph – low 90mph swing speed. My bag beat them, and it should jump off a brown truck any minute now. Probably the way I should always play. My fade works perfect and my distance has increased. The GigaGolf eFit system uses two, simple measurements to make your clubs fit you.


The clubs were outside the one year warranty, but they stepped up and delivered. When you enter the review we ask for your email address. Do not overlook the build quality and performance of clones. Changing length, gigagopf, or grip options may change swingweights. I must add that everything ordered looks exactly as it does on the website.

I will no longer pay gigaglof amounts of money for golf clubs again. Welcome Our Story GigaGolf vs. Hybrids and irons have Lamkin Perma-wraps. Gives up a little distance due to the higher loft, 12 degree, but hits a higher percentage of fairways. Not bad for Northern Illinois. I purchased the GXz My driver arrived about 2 weeks ago, but because of a back injury I could not play. I proceeded to hit a few with each club.