Yep, I have the same bios config. Yes, no problem I have done tons of bios updates. I cant make the audio work correctly. Is there audio fixes in the bios updates? Not the new beta release correct?

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My board is rev 1. Ive even formated my hard drive twice. These are my specs: I loose the sound completely when the game giagbyte launched. I also tried the new drivers from the gigabyte website, I dont know what else I can do. I cant make the audio work correctly.

GA-PDS3 (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

Yep, I have the same bios config. Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. Not the new beta release correct? Regarding the uninstalling and l35-ds3 ive tried about everything with gigayte drivers in normal windows and also in safe mode Sorry I cant be of more help!!!

The funny part is that a normal reset wont make the audio work again, I need to turn off the computer and turn back on to make the “device start”. How many behind are you?

Well, good luck with it all, and sorry I could not be of more help! I would flash it if it was me, I do it often and have NO issues, just do not use bios and do not shut off your pc while doing so, or do not do it in a storm or something like that where you think the power may go out p35d-s3 doing so. Thanks again for helping me out with this.


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Sorry I wish I knew more. Yesterday I formated my hard driver and installed a new clean windows xp with new drivers including givabyte new ati catalyst and I have the same problem. That is what mine is on and my sound is working fine If still no luck, I suppose you will just have to wait for someone to suggest a known compatible sound card for you here or ask at a different site as I am not sure myself You could also disable serial and parallel ports in the BIOS some say this has fixed it for them.

Results 1 to 10 of Ya it could be a card issue, see if you can find a friend to borrow a older card from and see for sure! If you do flash it, do it in Qflash via USB or floppy.

Thanks for your help and Ill post back if I get an answer from gigabyte support. If I shut down my computer I can make p35-dw3 audio work on windows but the conflict apears again when I start a game.


I would assume though a sound card would work better then a onboard solution, but I cannot say for sure since I dont use one.

The time now is I know it has something to do with my video card, ive been trying to fix this for months with no success. Or here is a link for each.

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I have done all this except the bios flash. Nor would I even know what to start to suggest to you to use. Im using the default Bios that came with the motherboard, it is version F2.