If you update the device driver while the USB Interface is connected to the PC the driver will not be downloaded to the device. The following signals are defined the service LED: You can use the Medema PC programme to download stored charging data to a computer by [ Windows operating systems chapter 2. The timeout of this blocking call can be changed via registry or via DeviceIoControl. Do not disconnect the [ You can use the Medema PC programme to download stored charging data to a computer by.

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The driver supports up to USB devices. Auf der Unterseite der Platine. The data logger function permits recording intervals between 1 secs and 30 mins to be freely selected, whereby the process values, mean values, and alarms with time stamps stored in the internal Flash memory ring memory, FIFO, or selectable ROM in case of [ If you have already an older version of the LON USB driver installed, you must completely de-install it prior to installation of a new driver.

Unfortunately Microsoft does not support this in the 64 bit versions. In the current driver versions bits 0 and 1 hesytec used. You then have to connect the printer to the GVX via the [ Normally this message does gesyted indicate an error.


A timeout value of 0 means, that this function returns immediately, if no data are available. Connect the car charger cable to the vehicle’s cigarette. The telegram according to the application layer format contains a length information of the buffer itself.

Easylon USB Interface+ – Gesytec

This approach is almost the same for all Windows CE versions. Stellen Sie eine Verbindung zwischen weatronic Sendemodul und. The module provides two connectors, either of which can be used: Connect your weatronic transmitter [ They can be found in the Universal Serial Bus Controller section of the device manager.

The rear of the Babyface has an [ Other names may be trademarks of their respective companies. If the driver has to be integrated into niterface Windows CE image, the simplest way is a respective entry in the platform.

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Lifts We specialize in the supply of new lifts and reconstruction of old lifts with the use of electronics developed in our own laboratories. However, if the device is used with an external USB hub under Windowsit was observed that, at returning from the standby mode, some hubs interfwce interrupt of the power supply to the Easylon USB Interface.


Auf der Unterseite der Platine [ In the current driver versions bits 0, 1 and 3 are used. At certain conditions however, e.

Some tips and tricks for operation can be found in Chapter 5. Please follow gesyfec instructions in chapter De-Installation. Please click on the reason for your vote: Usually it is set to 0 not existing.

Easylon USB Interface User Manual

Verbinden Sie mit dem [ Communication speed to the PC is 12 Mbps. Plug the large end of the USB cable [ A stan da r d USB socket o f t ype Easyloon shall be [ The red and green LED next to it indicate the following: In case of a name conflict the device can not be started. Cigarette lighter plug wi t h USB socket f o r charging of easyln [ Like all Windows CE drivers it must be in the Windows directory of your system.