X crashing with Geode GX2 on Jaunty. The best I can think of is to follow these instructions to install the test package and rebuild your LTSP chroot: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 October , at Please create a bug on the X.

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Package: xserver-xorg-video-geode (2.11.19-1)

Will pull a full backtrace with gdb as soon as I can load it videoo tc! Do you see anything in the following upstream GIT commit that would fix geoee There is no need of any additional option, though the driver reports screen resolution that are supported by the monitor but the video card can’t render such as xother than that, it seems to work fine and is clearly a lot better than the old crashing driver.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. For other uses, see Geode disambiguation. Org Bugzilla to make a suggestion for new features. Please link to specific patches on the X. However, only geode has up-to-date code.

xdrivers/xfvideo-geode – Gentoo Packages

Can you please open a separate bug for that issue? Org — Preferably submit bug reports directly to this tracker. From the dixSetPrivate routine’s code, the segfault must be due to something invalid inside the privates data structure, such as a linked list not being correctly terminated or something. The original Geode processor core itself is derived from the Cyrix MediaGX platform, which was acquired in National’s merger with Cyrix in However, it was reported that the specific design team for Geode processors in Longmont, Coloradohas been closed, and 75 employees are being relocated to the new development facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.


Knowing the correct line number would give a better clue on why it’s failing.

Advanced Micro Devices x86 microprocessors Embedded microprocessors. EXA Composite rendering bug: Directions on collecting full backtraces are at https: Probing for supported devices!

Bryce Harrington bryce on Comment on this videk optional.

GX2 works since X server 1. Last edited Mon 12 Dec Mon Nov 19 The power consumption is There are no official references to this processor except geide explaining that the batch of CPUs were “being shipped to specific customers”, though it is clear it has no relation with the other Geode NX CPUs other than sharing the same CPU socket Socket A. See full activity log.

Using GnuPG with Mozilla – http: Cannot compile since 2.

Please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices. With X server cideo. Incomments by AMD indicated that there are no plans for any future micro architecture upgrades to the processor and that there will be no successor; however, the processors will still be available with the planned availability of the Geode LX extending through This would allow GDB to show us the actual content of line 79 in privates.


Both xfvideo-geode and xfvideo-nsc support the “Red Cloud” chipset. It is expected that the Geode line of processors will be updated less frequently due to the closure of the Geode design center.

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