In this menu I disabled the following options: Press Enter to accept the default value. The command to make everything is: For any options not shown here, their default values were used. Sun Jun 01, 9:

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VMware Guest

If all went well you should have no errors. If you want to be very sure vmwarr exactly what drives you need the best way is to use some built-in utilities. Now what you have to do is to create a new virtual machine.

Sat Nov 09, 8: The driver uses a proprietary ballooning technique that provides predictable performance that closely matches the behavior of a native system under similar memory constraints.

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Configuring Gentoo Kernel for VMware Player – Minimal Manual Configuration · TechTorials

In other words, you don’t need this if you’re not using networked storage. As for everything else, it is completely up to you.


When you are done, it should look similar to the below image. Then restart the virtual machine. Display posts from previous: These recommendations were loosely based off the ones from this Gentoo Wiki article and from this Gentoo forum post. It follows chapter seven of the Gentoo handbook.

Permalink Sep 11, Currently there is this torrent available: Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. These are specific options needed currently for most VMWare versions. Permalink Sep 30, You might need to dig into the folders to find the stage 3 files for i added by VG Chapter 5: Add built-in support for the gentooo options: Fusion MPT base driver 3.

What is the output from: Once the boot fentoo shows up prompting for kernel and boot options, press enter for default boot. There are multiple mirror sites to download the “stage 3 files” select the one closer and available to you. The real timer hardware is set by default to deliver a maximum of clock interrupts per second per CPU.

If you have USB 3. Respond to the configuration questions on the screen. This article covers how to make a stripped down version of the Gentoo kernel for VMware Player.


How to install Gentoo on VMware as a VMware Guest

gento Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. VMware native tools and the open source tools. This is a relatively bare bones install of gentoo. The former feature is required for our VM to function properly and the latter is required to obtain audio support. I think this has to do with the kernel itself. These other things might be useful for udev.

If you would like a more basic tutorial, you may check out my basic kernel configuration techtorial. Wed Nov 06, 9: After selecting the drivers and recompile the current kernel remember scs copy the bzImage into the boot folder.