Also, just about any key can be bound to the mouse buttons. You may also get gnome power manager giving you permission problems, if so, execute the following:. This is a sample config how to make your life easier with MacBook. It is a unique partitioning scheme that implements Intel’s EFI standard. Use the vanilla-kernel if you have issues with building a kernel. Then make sure the computer loads the module when it boots Gentoo.

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This method is often reported as working quite bad frequent loss of connection, WPA not working Click on the Keyboard Layout Options tab, and find Third level choosers. But of course, not loading Composite Extension will prevent beryl from launching.

This simply switches on and off the external monitor, without switching off the internal lcd. Then proceed with the installation as per the Handbook this applies at least to some MacBooks 2nd generation.

After which, it is likely a good idea to reboot. The fstab is a list of all the file systems on your computer. Specifying the hardware specs will tell Gentoo Portage The Compiling Infrastructor what type driver to install for the given hardware.

The Apple Keyboard is unique from other PC manufactures. The configured keys should work in the console or in X. Then just before installing grub you will need to use the rEFIt partition tool. MacBooks made prior to November use the Atheros chipset with the Gento possible to have a swap file rather than having swap reside in a separate partition.


Samsung E152-Aura T5750 Dajuan

Both a patch and a proposed ebuild can be found in gentoo bugzilla at here. Mark the right Win key bentoo third level chooser.

If anyone knows of other methods of solving the X11 crash gengoo, please update this page! Now you can reboot the gentoo livecd chroot to the target like explained in the handbook.

Then install Gentoo normally. FGLRX compositing support works with full hardware acceleration as of gentoo -sources This will work with modern, non-specialized routers, if additional configuration wireless extensions is needed, see the MadWifi Wiki. If it happens to work right away for you then you may consider yourself a very lucky person.

Gentoo Guide for the Samsung EAura T Dajuan

Everything should work out of the box. What you put in it and how you set it up is a fundamental part to how well the system will run. That makes it similar to an Geentoo Athlon 64 processor. If you just want to switch keyboard layouts, use setxkbmap. If I find the time I either patch libx86 or the ebuild to do that automatically.


[kubuntu] Please help fix: sky2 error: rx length error: status 0x42c length

MacBooks built during and after November use the Atheros chipset siy2 supports the The MacBook wiki has information provided by good number of seasoned Linux users, please add or subtract information only if it is known. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Subpages 3 Basic Installation 3. See success stories 2. I solved the issue by manually running:.

Apple MacBook

If you try to install grub before using the rEFIt tool you will get an error. The Macbook may restart on wake up, halt on wake up, or wake up with the backlight off. In HAL versions 0. Than you can proceed to setup your sk2y configuration. Please note that this key-mapping will not make the keyboard work as printed on the keys, but will match a standard german keyboard. Hints for your own tries: