So all I can say is that, the G6DS Real runs games flawlessly, it does download play very well, and overall, the menu and loaders work very fast and efficiently. A fun feature of the SuperCard DS one is that it is able to load files. Is it compatible with Sleep Mode? Unless Ninty decides to block the current slot-1 flashcarts in new DS Lite models. When it comes to homebrew however the SC-DS one is the leader. TheBlue10 Dec 26, at 2: The description already says it “set the direct boot or DS menu system options and the current skin of the touchpod firmware”.

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The shell sadly doesn’t have an image showing the proper orientation of the microSD card which, although it isn’t very important, is too bad. Thankfully this only damages half the sticker.

G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

As for the “patching” options both units are capable to run games unaltered, patched-on-card for things like “in game reset”, cheats, slowmotion. Standard FAT system support.

I’m unsure if the normal Moonshell also has this feature but I believe it does. First make sure you download the Moonshell 1.

Software Retail Boxes Software Licences. Relativly hard to learn menu system. The G6 Team or better known as the M3 Team has been on the market for a very long time, probably one of the longest. Homebrew seems to be a major concern with the G6DS Real.


G6ds real card driver

The SuperCard one unit however it is a slightly different story. The first extra feature I want to cover here is “auto-boot or DS menu”. It also does not have the promised DLDI driver.

As you can see both units have roughly the same features. Capacity flash cards were on the adjustment, mainly because many users Gb and GB concept is confusing, so this so-called GB unit unified computer system, in fact, 1GB or 8Gb. To summarize the above: Support single card download play even with trouble games such as: In the game-info screen there will be two tabs once you have set the cheat file.

Unable to start homebrew from NDS menu. I would have liked to write about this feature saying that this is perfect and really very useful. It feels very sturdy.

G6 DS Real USB Reader

However the flashme is compatible and works fine with G6DS Real if you want to use it for -insert reason s here. Such benefits are self-evident, if we need to burn the game just ndsl reaver electricity, traditional ds fire link is no way to burn the game, g6rs this advantage is that no independent reader can ndsl Direct Burn!

However the flashme is compatible and works fine with G6DS Real if you want to use it for -insert reason s here- Q: ARP has implemented the use of cookies in order to provide you with the best service possible. Speaking of the latest package of FC card is actually no stranger, this is long and we mentioned independent version of FC burner suit. The taskbar has 4 reaxer menus; Saver, Other, Option, Help.

  94306 XP DRIVER

Above average but not perfect. The GUI has a touch interface and is skinnable.

DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

This means that not every game will be supported. If you want to see the full sized version of this picture and read the features, click here.

With features such as download play, cheat engine, and obviously high performance memory. The G6DS Real is obviously one of the most anticipated carts that are out on the market.

I’m trying to learn from anyone who has personally suffered this defect as to how it could rewder solved or fixed. Third, Quick Start F card has done a quick format operation at the factory, for the first time recommended a complete formatting operation.

This is probably the biggest advantage of G6DS Real. Copy NDS game, you can own filing folders, support for multi-level file folder, the system will automatically identify all games cassette.