There are no drivers required. Then you can select the skin you want with the touchpod menu look above for more info Q: The G6DS Real menu is easy to navigate. But it seems after the 2. Is it compatible with Sleep Mode? The cart’s build quality is very nice and it feels strong and sturdy.

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For the cheat files to work, you need to copy over the relating cheat file for each game into the same directory as the game ROM itself. It requires a reboot.

For the options, g6cs can boot to slot 2, change skins, and also choose to boot the G6DS Real menu at launch or just the DS menu.

This video shows the G6DS Real turning on, using the cheat function and booting a game. Here are some games tested:. Anyway, after peeling the corner of the label back, the screw was revealed.

G6DS Real continues to use the TouchPod style operation contact surface to take the product the main contact surface, new TouchPod does not have to the previous edition simple style, from the tool fence, the vegetable single scroll, the chart sign, the button, rolls the strip to the window and the tabletop background, all may from define Cheng Gezhong the design and the color, has custom-made in the contact surface individuality on is more nimble.


You can advance through the game as long as you want and save any times you want. Unfortunately, the G6DS Real does have its downsides. Simply drop the codes onto the console. The G6DS Real menu is easy to navigate.

G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

After that copy over the Loader system. With that aside, lets talk about the main selling point of the G6DS, download play support. I excitedly opened the package, and inside it a normal box, but the design looked impressive.

I should note here that if you’re having trouble with your cards file system, that the G6DS Real has a built-in self formatter. The initial load times for firmware version 1.

My G6DS Real corrupted!

The linker is slightly larger horizontally than a DS game card, and is about as thick as a 3 DS cards stacked together. That’s what we’re here to find out! In other words only the first time you save your game you must wait longer so the G6DS Real gds write the save from the capacitor to the card.

G6DS Real is a really good slot-1 card for a reasonable price with variety of features. G6DS Real has also a safe fail option. This option can be configured in the ‘Settings’ screen. This is a wise move as the original Touchpod brought users a nice, fully touchable, easy on the eyes interface and its nice to see it return. It has all your games, and the options are at the top right corner.


G6DS Real Review

Credits to Drackel for this tip. You can format your care by holding START while booting and although you will lose all your data it will return your card as good as new.

Reak a tiny head Philips screwdriver the screw comes out, and the case finally falls apart. Apart from the clips, which edges will turn white and probably eventually snap if you bend them back too far, the plastic shell of the G6DS Real is surprisingly sturdy. Oct 24, South England.

G6DS Real – WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

Only can replace the base map, also the base map replacement operation needs to rely on the computer to complete the picture the replace. So you might want to rename all your games when copying them. And remember that the G6DS Real carts have just shipped out, most have probably not even received their carts b6ds. If you’re using Windows XP, when you attach g6sd reader, Windows should bring up an autoplay menu and ask what action you’d like to take – so just select ‘Open folder to view files’.

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