Copying can also be stopped by selecting the Stop button that is displayed on the display during copying. Select Close repeatedly until the System Settings screen is displayed. Cancel this error state by following the instruc- tions in the on-screen message. Setting preset ratio buttons copy settings Setting preset ratios scanner settings.. Below are a couple of the articles: Do not unplug or replug the machine while it is on. The following procedures are available for automatic gradation adjustment:

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When relocating the machine, contact our Customer Support Center.

Document Centre C400 Drivers & Downloads

The DADF allows you to load documents comprising two or more pages and make copies in a single operation. Here is more to chew on Setting frequently used features and values to their defaults frees you from unnecessary opera- tions each time you perform a specific operation.

In the Job Status screen, you can also cancel jobs or change the print prior- ity. Original Size Defaults 5. You can select Off to not sound a tone, or select one of Loud, Normal or Soft as the volume.


Scan Size Default 5. Loading Paper Loading Paper Jobs are processed in the order pccl which they arrive when the priority is the same.

Check the position of the paper guides at the front side of tray 5 Bypass Tray. If in doubt, contact our Cus- tomer Support Center. To cancel setting, select the Cancel button. Select Booklet Creation in the Others screen.


The buttons that are displayed will vary depending on the totals management feature you are using. If the desired copy ratio is not displayed on screen, select More. Confirming Jobs Following describes how to confirm jobs, change the print priority, and delete jobs. Confirming Completed Jobs 7.

Confirming Jobs, Confirming Currently Executing Jobs Confirming Jobs Following describes how to confirm jobs, change the print priority, and delete jobs. A front cover can be out- put before the first page of the document on a different type of paper e. Perform this operation if the Copy screen or Scanner screen is not displayed. Power and Earth Connection Cautions The power specifications are listed below.

Following are set for the original type of documents corresponding to each output color: The solution described for this question will not work in this case as none of these computers are running Microsoft Windows OS. For details, contact our Customer Support Center.


A Print Meter Report starts the count from when the data was initialized. Page 26 When removing jammed paper, make sure that no pieces of torn paper are left in the machine. Ddc is 1 as Red. Daily Care Confirming Machine Status Name Stored Date Pages No. The accompanying diagrams show the minimum clear- ances required for normal operation, consumables replacement and maintenance to ensure your machine operates at peak performance. Copying certain documents may be illegal dcc your country.

Output Size Default 5. We had numerous WC74xx producing and errors and we traced to this font issue. Non-account Print Jobs without account information jobs generated by the printer driver exist as print jobs.