Maybe Fujitsu and finally just fixed the driver problem, please let us know if that works for you! I got it to work. Then I re-connected the scanner, and it worked. Peter D September 26, Mr X July 15,

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Ron October 13, Tried to move the file to the trash can but its locked within the whole file…. DTown October 20, I am VERY computer illiterate and was able to figure this out which is a testament to the effectiveness of this page and to the people who graciously contributed! So, the actual Lion test. You might want to check sacnsnap my post below yours.

Don Paul April 6, I Icon changed from grey to Blue. It’s not in Amazon or Buy.

ScanSnap Manager for Mac

Rick December 4, Latest patches for V2. I could easily follow and apply your instructions and I am not an expert by any measure and my knowledge of Apple is very very green.


Honestly, the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are really great — no complaints whatsoever except for one. Kevin Esmeier August 14, Follow up on my enquiry left 26 Sep, it works under Julie September 2, Essentially what I rujitsu out after a lot of testing is that there’s no discernible difference between the the PC-variant and the MAC-variant scanner hardware — even the firmware for the S line ss300 software loaded from the driver.

Julian Droms December 14, Reinstall the software and try the update again Like or Dislike: If you do manage to get it working please let us know how and you can save other owners the headache. I scanned a document and all went well.

As I said after the Installation Check file modification, it worked a treat. No need to patch the updater.

Rich November 27, Followed your steps above and tried to edit the resource file in textedit but it states that the file is read only and locked. Scroll down to 10 in the list for a discussion of scahsnap he got the S working on his new Mac.


Bill July 5, So in answer to your question. BrokerDon March 22, Robert Velasco April 10, I cannot even seem to open the.

FAQ: ScanSnap S / SM – Fujitsu Global

Chris February 28, Brooks Duncan – October 18, Reply. How do I get around this? BrokerDon October 8,