Consult this chapter before assembling the PC. If the product has been exposed to rain or water. Connect the power cord to the VAC power source. Read the [License Agreement] carefully, and click [I agree], and then [Next]. Enables a switch password.

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Power On Windows, or when recovering from the energy saving mode. To prevent electric shock, before installing and removing expansion cards, turn off the PC and connected units and unplug power cords from respective outlets.

Foot Used for placing the PC. The signs should be understood before proceeding to subsequent portions of this manual. This section explains how to reset the PC. CRT connector Pin no.

Fujitsu DESKPOWER 5000 Series User Manual

The power can be supplied from the PC main unit to the expansion bay options, differing from external-type devices; therefore, an outlet is not required. If the Enter key is pressed while changing setup values, the message shown below is displayed.

The maximum memory capacity is 1 GB MB x 2. Continuing to use the device can result in further damage to the platters and possible permanent loss of your data. Any particular issue of a product may contain facilities. Wipe the inside of the mouse, roller, and the bottom cover with a damp cloth.


Password on Wake up This item appears when ‘Supervisor Password’ is set. Page 71 Event Logging Configurations This submenu is used to set up despower logs.

Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock or fire. Connect the flat cable appropriate for the internal option to be installed. If the error recurs, contact a dealer or the Fujitsu service center.

Fujitsu DESKPOWER 5000 User Manual

Replace the internal hard disk. Error Messages RAM module error is expected. In Numlock mode, the user can enter numeric values from the tenkey pad. When using a single foot When installing your PC in the vertical layout and in contact withthe wall, use the following installation procedure.

Switching off This section explains how to turn off the PC. This License Agreement describes the agreement for using preinstalled Windows on the computer.


Remove the expansion card mounting bracket and reinforcing fitting. Got it, continue to print.


Install the internal hard disk in the PC main unit. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Be sure to perform the procedure as it is described here.

Floppy Disks 3 Floppy Disks This section explains how to handle, insert, and remove a floppy disk. Connect the flat cable that is appropriate for the internal option to be installed. Clean the inside of the mouse. Fujtsu installing or removing an expansion card, turn off the PC and all devices connected to it, and unplug them.

To install expansion cards, “resources” must be set.

The signs would be similar to that other drives, such fujiitsu making clicking or ticking noises, not mounting or in general refusing to spin. Cleaning Method How to clean the PC is explained as follows: