Wtih in-depth understanding that the characteristics, size, placement, and boot design of microphone sensors significantly impacts product performance and time-to-market for customers, Fortemedia has been collaborating with microphone vendors to address aforementioned issues and to provide the best solution for its customers. Laura Moore Wolfson Microelectronics plc Tel: We are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide Fortemedia specially designed microphones to be integrated into its SAM reference designs. Fortemedia will be located in booth To call this mobile phone innovation revolutionary may seem like an exaggeration. SAM is extremely effective in real-time voice communications such as speakerphone function.

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Fortemedia will showcase and exhibit new technologies in an invitation only private suite at the Grand Hyatt, room In addition, it enhances man-machine interaction by increasing speech recognition accuracy. We look forward to continuing to work with Intel to bring new and exciting features to their industry-leading platforms. Fortemedia worked closely with Intel to foortemedia enhance the voice processing experience for these products by adhering to Intel’s three and four microphone recommendations.

ForteMedia — Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!

For further inquiry, please contact: Features such as beam-forming can pinpoint the location of the person speaking, picking up only voice from speaker while blocking out ambient unwanted noises. ForteVoice has been adopted by several Samsung flagship products.

When combined with source signal separation algorithms and advanced statistical filtering techniques this spatial signal processing is the first step in a complex integrated process that is employed by AMAP to perform ambient noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation and other voice processing functions.

More recently, ultrabooks have fortemfdia from a traditional clamshell approach to convertible or detachable modes to enable tablet use and mobility for users.

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By porting and optimizing Fortemedia’s iS on the Tensilica HiFi, we are able to tap into a much larger market on top of our existing voice processing opportunities,” said Dr. The unique and flexible technology extends itself into the far-field pickup for conferencing usages, and into the novel bi-directional beam-forming for “interview mode” dialogues, delivering natural, echo- and noise-free conversations to consumers in all usage circumstances.


AMAP can be easily deployed across a wide range of products with different microphone configurations. The spatial filtering system integrates with a time-frequency processing system. By utilizing two or more microphones that form a “beam” to suppress outside noise, smartphone users fprtemedia now enjoy much-improved voice quality, even in a crowded restaurant or high traffic environment.

The company’s headquarters is located in Edinburgh, UK. Interview Mode allows users to record a conversation between two people and eliminate background noises from other attendees.

The product is expected to start sampling in Q2 and MP in Q3, Fortemedia Advanced Microphone Array Processing AMAP Fortemedia’s Advanced Microphone Array Processing AMAP is a hybrid voice processing system that combines spatial filtering, source separation and adaptive statistical signal processing to deliver advanced voice and audio capabilities to consumer electronic devices.

Noise Reduction on uplink and downlink signals Full-duplex echo-free communication Bright Voice Enhancement BVE to provide intelligent equalization on loudspeaker output for enhancing caller listening experience Distortion free and natural sounding voice Wideband voice processing for emerging mobile wideband calls Summary of Benefits Best-in-class IC cost-effective solution offering high performance voice processing for vehicle hands-free calls Easy system integration: Fortemedia has built a partnership with Samsung to provide cost effective solutions to enhance voice quality and the user experience of a handset product since Voice commands have become popular with most electronics devices in the past few years as it is the most intuitive user interface.

These speakers shared prestigious viewpoints in voice technology and market information along with fortemedka demonstrations in voice applications to audience. Fortemedia’s power-efficient voice processing capability executing on the embedded DSP processor offers hands-free voice processing features including ambient noise suppression, keyboard sound suppression, voice tracking, far-field voice pickup and improved voice recognition.


The mass production of FM is expected by the end of Q1, and engineering samples are now available for selected customers. Substantially tested in Fortemedia’s automotive laboratory facility, aueio also live in various on-road conditions, the FM has been verified to pass the automotive standards testing.

With this new acoustics laboratory in Shenzhen, Fortemedia can provide real-time customer service for southern China regions. For more information please visit, http: It can be connected to external devices with both analog and digital signal paths. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software and services targeting enterprise, fkrtemedia, mobility, health, consumer Internet and semiconductor manufacturing.

Fortemedia’s focus is developing technology for smartphones, PCs, headsets, automotive and VoIP applications, by providing leading edge performance in voice quality enhancement to both fortemevia and hand-held voice communication. This innovative technology improves clarity of sound dramatically even in a noisy surrounding.


AMAP allows for effective voice pick up to distances of 3 meters and greater. Fortemedia will ahdio and exhibit new technologies in an invitation only private suite at the Las Vegas Hotel, next to the convention center. The iMD is a purpose-built, all-digital product that supports digital microphone input. Its products have been broadly used in automotive, personal navigation devices, VoIP phone and video conferencing etc.