If [Warning display] is set to ‘OFF’, it does neither display any message nor move to error state. Install Net Care Plug-in for C Use Multicast Discovery Search devices. Enter the 8 digit Volume Track Access Number. Solution To reset the imaging unit counter, the imaging unit must be replaced with a new one zero count. Receive the print job. May bizhub CSolution The image loss specification is 5mm for the lead edge and 3mm for the front, rear, and trail edge.

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Therefore, the operations of the microprocessors used in the machines are not discussed: Re-send the data after the Spool function is set to ‘OFF’. Specify the correct Cancel the job.

There are approximately 30 registers that can be corrupt, so the above procedure may have to be done as much as du times. At the engine direct input: After moving to the error status, when canceling the operation by user, the rest of jobs are skipped after the recovering. Highlighting a saved document then selecting the Route button will allow the saved document to be sent to a destination.


Select Single Page to create a file for each page scanned. Select [Disable] in the Dynamic Authentication screen. H Node case a. Fax Dialing Method set to Pulse dial 10 pps.

A damaged transfer belt can cause the color shift patterns to be poorly developed. Select the correct envelope size. The copier is not level causing the developer to build up in the units, either at the front or the rear of the machine.

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License configuration of the printer option All printer options are license options. Then press OK to continue printing” window. Solution To reset the imaging pvl counter, the imaging unit must be replaced with a new one zero count.

Solution To enable two counts on the total counter for 11×17 paper, perform the following: If an administrator password is on the Fiery X3e Plus, print jobs will not print with version 1.

Select the time to reset by pressing the clear button and inputting a new time. There are many reasons for this. Solution To specify the default settings of the Scan Mode, perform the following: Lexmark Universal Lexmark Universal v2.


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Color Laser Prt 18 Black Only. If the copier is equipped with a duplex unit verify that the actuator for PC-1, in the duplex unit, is working correctly. Not printing to a host name with DHCP. If a request is received fieyr an established problem ticket number the request will be denied. Most scanners come with a specific ICC profile that defines the characteristics of the scanner. Select [Telephone Line Settings].

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Press the Start key. Solution To select Secure Print perform the following: Select Print Lists Select the paper tray for the fax reports to print from. This issue was confirmed in early firmware and then corrected. Oce PS Ver 2. Fill out the Return Authorization Request as completely as possible. So you can set the fkery outside.