Other than this, there are a few other beautiful – well planned knobs providing users with more options to discover and manipulate every sound within. We are dealing with power hungry heavy machines, not toys. Every effect you choose, provides you with immense amount of detailed adjustment. Again, this depends on every user and every listener’s perseverance. Archived from the original on 8 June

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Fantom X8 also provides you with 8 different combination sounds giving you some layered sounds Though I did not like it very muchfelt like Roland just wanted to add them for the fantoj of it. For me, the setting up was pretty simple, though I referred the manual a few times to make sure I was in the right direction.

Need at-least 2 people xx8 carry this safely. This can not only be used for just playing any piano sound, but can be used for user – favourite sounds as well. Scroll through some amazing effects such as the “telephone”, “3d delay”, “limiter”, “gate”, “overdrive”, “distortion”, “auto-pan”, which are some of my favourites.

This comes with 3 MFX processors with dedicated routing map, a dedicated reverb, chorus and mastering processor.

There are two basic splits that comes when you start working, looking at your in-built LCD screen, the keyboard and the pad option. There is a “Patch cantom option already available over the board, and when enabled, gives you a variety of options such as modulating the cut-off frequency, resonance, the filter types, ADSR, advanced envelope and pitch editing.


On the other hand, while you connect the Fantom X8 to your system, there are a variety of initial setups one can perform to make sure the workstation is completely update and ready. There are several hard-ware external connections that can be made to the Fantom X8.

There are two buttons for shifting the octaves and two assignable switches that gives option to the user to choose what they would like the knob to do.

Roland Fantom X8 88-key Sampling Workstation X-8

When the keyboard option is enabled, the preset patches comes with a wide variety of sound styles such as basic acoustic piano and electric piano models. This is very important as the device can get destroyed due to voltage fluctuations. Synth FX and sounds are great. The Xa comes with a smaller mpc style graphical green screen, the keyboard fnatom not as professional, and lacks aftertouch.

I made a custom case that was charged same as the price of this workstation.

Roland Fantom X8 key Sampling Workstation X-8 | eBay

This workstation offers you multi-track recording of your performance in realtime with the Roland’s skip back sampling fahtom. These are totally advanced cool features that a keyboard geek would find handy for intricate sound designing.

Other than this, there are a few other beautiful – well fantoom knobs providing users with more options to discover and manipulate every sound within. The “Reverb” is beautiful.

Roland Fantom-X

This article relating to electronic musical instruments is a stub. Initially when you switch on the Fantom, you would gantom taken through a cool demo.

The X6, X7, and X8, apart from their keyboards, are almost identical in the controls they offer, the internal software they run, and the expansions they accept. I recommend everyone to install fqntom download this even though this might not be needed for the late MAC’s, not sure about PC.


Closing your ears and playing a sound, you will fzntom recognise, this is a piano sound coming from the FANTOM X8 and not a grand piano. It might be annoying if you are going to go this through a 50 times in a day, so Fantom itself offers you an option to turn this demo off.

Anyone in their right mind won’t be using these sounds in a professional arrangement. The Accordion section is exciting, especially the “Paris Romance” and the “Bandoneon”. For those who are concerned about the technical controlling of sounds and mixing processes, don’t worry, Fantom X8 takes care of that too by providing you a special button “Effects”.

Cons 1 Extremely heavy-weight.

“A perfect workstation Monster!” – Reviews Roland Fantom X8 – Audiofanzine

A partial follow up to the Roland Fantom-X is the Integra-7 sound module. I had to, no choice. Overall, the patches are well made and designed. The conversion quality and the reproduction of the sound is brilliant. After un-boxing the workstation, plugged in the adapter and it was ready.